20 October, 2008

MomDay Cooking - Tandoori Chicken

I love Indian flavours.. You can of course make your own tandoori paste, but I'm going with the pre-made stuff. It takes a little while for the chicken to marinate, but other than that it's really easy! And soooo good!

a whole chicken in pieces - or your piece of choice (I generally use a skinless chicken breast)
tandoori paste
cumin seeds
(jasmin) rice
salad/veg of choice

Get the yoghurt and tandoori paste the night before or the same morning (preferably - a couple of hours on the counter will be pretty good, too!)
Mix up a couple of TBS of the paste with a similar amount of yoghurt and a TBS of vegetable oil in a plastic bag. Score the chicken a bit - but never all the way through - and get it in the bag and give it a quick massage. Then put it in the fridge until dinner time.
Turn on the oven to about 225degrees celcius (or if you're able to it would be great to grill the chicken insteda!) Then get your rice. I love jasmine rice.. There's no other rice as flavourful in my opinion, but you can use the rice of your choice! In this case we're flavouring it even more, too!
In adition to the rice we're putting in some cumin seeds and a bit of turmeric.
Heat a little oil in the pot you are going to use(optional you could dry fry the seeds and rice as well - I'm very inconsisten on this and do either) and toss in about half a tea spoon per dl of rice. Add the rice and fry it until it becomes translucent (the change is not very apparent without oil, so if this is your first attempt I'd use oil!) and then add a tea spoon of turmeric and the water. I bring it to a boil (happen pretty much right away since everything is hot) and turn off the heat leaving it on the remaining heat - if you're cooking with gas you might want to leave it at a very low heat instead.

Let's not forget the salt.. (I tend to do that..)

Adding it to the yellow rice water...
I cook my chicken in the oven (usually - I also use this marinade for chicken to barbecue in summer). Place it in the middle of the oven for about 15 minutes while the rice finishes cooking.

Plate up with some nice veg and you're ready for a yummy dinner.


Ferndoggle said...

My mouth is watering!! That chicken looks so delicious...and pretty easy to make too. I'll have to give it a shot!

Jen (who would share with Sherman)

Archie and Melissa said...

Hi Anie!

Yum! Your recipe is wonderful! We are going to make this!
Thank you for sharing it and i love your salt shaker!


Nancy at the Farm said...

Could you please send some of the chicken to me because I am locked in my cage and I need food! (Thank your Mum for sharing the receipe too)

Love, Dozer

Puglette said...

That looks yummy! I will have to look for those seasonings and try that marinade. Yum!!

Daisy said...

Your mom looks like a good cook! My Mommie can only cook stuff in the microwave.

Asta said...


I'd like some pleeez
smoochie kisses

The Devil Dog said...

You ar making mom hungry. She doesn't know what to have for dinner. sigh


Sophie Brador said...

yummers .... Tandoori chicken is the best.


Duke said...

This sure looks yummy! We have never had anything like this before! It sure does look good!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Joe Stains said...

That looks absolutely fabulous! great food post!

Lorenza said...

that chicken looks delicious!
I am going to tell my grandma about it!
thanks for sharing it!
kisses and hugs

Girl Girl Hamster said...

That looks very yummy. My hooman is drooling at that now

~ Girl girl

Simba and Jazzi said...

That looks yummy,

Simba x