30 June, 2008

I'm baa-aack!

Hi friends!

Have you missed me? I've been away showing off what a lovely, lovely pug I am. Snoring all day and sleeping in the laundrybasket.

Mom's been up to something while I was away, too. There might be exciting things in the future. But it's not all certain, yet, so we won't go telling about it before we know for sure! Keep your fingers and paws crossed!

I'm sure the puppy human was pretty envious of my comfy bed! ;)


27 June, 2008

Stolen dogs - Québec, Canada

Hi guys, I just read on WhippetWorld about this tragic incident. Having lived in Québec it's extra sad.. But unfortunately all my friends have moved elsewhere...

Therese Szulik had her home broken into and her 6 dogs STOLEN!! She lives in St.Damien, Quebec, Canada. PLEASE CROSS-POST!!!Here are the dogs identifications:

STAR (MICROCHIP 95600000109561)
They are tattooed on their inner right thigh, and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.

Reward offered for information leading to the safe return of these dogs
If you have ANY info, PLEASE contact: Thérèse Szulik - St-Damien, Québec CanadaTel: (450) 835-4699 Email: therlik@hotmail.com or szulik@sympatico.ca


26 June, 2008


Mom say I'm such an ELEGANT dog. I totally get that. Then she laughs.. I don't get that at all... Right???
There is like NO reason to laugh at this! It is very comfy..
Back to sleep... Stupid mom. But today I'm going off to visit these people who might wanna get a pug. So they'll borow me for a little while to see what a good boy I am. Mom is soo gonna miss her elegant little boy, so I'm getting even for that really soon! Hah!

Elegant Bajas

25 June, 2008

Happy reunion

Mom just got home from work, and this is how happy I was to see Raff! (I see no point in playing or eating when mom is not home...)

Now Auntie Anna is coming over for walkies! I look forwards to that!


Pee Ess: Mom say to please ignore the messy floor, remember we've just moved!

24 June, 2008

My other park

On the oposite side of the park by the river is an area mainly reserved for people wanting to do sports.. Several soccer fields are marked up, plus spaces for beach volley(or do you call it something else if there's no water in sight?)
There's a path around the entire thing, so I took mom walking around it to see how large it actually is.
Checking my pee-mail
Rather nice and sunny today, but it's still rather chilly..
See the kids playing in the distance? It was a rather nice play area there, too.
We walked all the way to the end there and then back on the other side, so we walked the entire path. At the end there we found a nice little fruit/veg shop so mom is likely to return there to have a look around. I'd much rather have found a butcher shop!!
We have no idea what these flowers are called in English, but if you'd translate their Norwegian name literally they would be called Dog Biscuit.

Want one? Mom said...
No thanks... No way I'm eating flowers, are you stupid woman???
A row of maples on the other side.. Mom love maple trees and can't wait to see their lovely colours this fall.

Hope you all have good Tuesdays. Mom have the day off, so mine is looking pretty good so far. I'm back from my walkie and as soon as I post this I'll go back to watching the neighbourhood from the back of the couch.


23 June, 2008

Got food?

I'm waiting...


22 June, 2008

A little Sunday walk...

Just a minute or two from our apt we get to the park that's created around the river flowing all the way downtown and into the city.
I like to put my mark on the place!
It's nice hearing the running water when you're out for walkies..
Sometimes it's just a narrow path, and sometimes the park widens..

The buildings are really close by.. We don't live THIS close, but close none the less.
The ducies made a run for it when I wanted to make friends.. sigh..

We have to climb these stairs up or down when going out..
I know this trick, see.. Whenever mom says the word "stone" I'll jump up on any stone around.
Then when we get home mom laughs while I make a desperate run to get to BamBam as soon as possible.. Like it's funny I've missed him..

Hope your weekends have been great!


21 June, 2008

Relaxing Saturday

Hi guys!
I hope you're having great weekends. Mom is home sick for a couple of days and I've got a limp so we're not much outside... But that's okay. I've got my buddies here and the couch is comfy... And I've got some time left for blogging, too! (Well... We've tried earlier today, but Google insisted I acted like a spammer or something.. so we couldn't get access to anything blog related, but it's working again now.)

Mom laughed at this picture because I look so sad. But I can't help my face is like that??
Oh... Yeah... You're still here! Sorry about that. I put my co-stars up in the right menu, but that's BamBam on my right and Raff the blue giraffe on my right.

Baj the Ball

20 June, 2008

A new beginning!

Hi friends.

Some of you allready know, but on June 5th Nimbus was pts. It was a very, very sad day around here. What most of our blogging friends never knew was that he was pretty much like Mom. She says she's got my physique and his personality(well.. similar). Anyways.. He was one scared fellow, and apart from his family his only friends were online. The benefit was that he didn't have to actually see you and interact with you. Not that he wouldn't learn to love you if he got to hang out with you for some time, but he just was plain terrified of strangers. And it made his life so difficult we ended up having to make the descition that he would be better off resting in the eternal sofa with Coco. Plenty of blankies and no strangers. Ever.

That makes me an only child, for the first time in years. I've got Mom and my stuffies, though. On top of it all we've moved. Again. And are in a middle of plenty of change. But hopefully I'll be blogging and keeping up with you all from now on. I got my first website as "CyberMopsen" (=The CyberPug) as a wee pup and because Mom didn't quite feel like helping me with this blog when it was so much of Coco and Nimbus in it we've made it more like my site again. It's not that we want to forget them, it's just to be able to have a sense of normal life again.

Hope you have a good weekend! I'll be back soon!


(Mom promised we'll be heading for our cottage this summer, I'm ready to go out boating and catch some fishies. Mom gave me fishies for dinner today! Yum!)

05 June, 2008

Taking a break...

Hi guys!

There's just been a bit too much change and stuff going on here lately and we're sorry we're not keeping up.. Don't quite know when we'll be back, but when we're not blogging hopefully we'll be able to visit more blogs instead and not just feel guilty!

Ane - the useless Dog Mom. ;)