30 April, 2010

Fun on a Friday

Mom had a huge giggle the other day because I was sitting on the windowsill/radiator/back of the sofa (all at once, too!)...

Whatcha giggling at?

I can even levitate above the radiator if I want to!

Friday kisses,

29 April, 2010

Pretty as a picture

I managed to get some nice shots of Hyssy when he was out on his little adventure the other day... How cute is he?

- Ane -

27 April, 2010

Tuesday Adventures with Hyssy

Oh my - what is this place?

That's one NOISY water bowl!

Mom! MOM! Don't you leave me!

Huh.. This stuff smells weird!

The whole leash thing was a leetle confusing and the great outdoors was both exciting and a little scary. Thanks for coming along on my adventure.


26 April, 2010

Sunny Monday

I love spring - it makes the sun so nice and warm..



23 April, 2010

Hyssy, Khyssy Friday!

Hi guys!

I hope you all have a very relaxing weekend - it's sure starting out nicely for me!

Purrs and khysses,

22 April, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day guys! I hope you've all seen Puglets video (see previous post) and feel all inspired to be good!

There really is so much that's worth taking care of, and we shouldn't act as if destroying it all is something we're allowed to do...

Green kisses,

21 April, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

We know many of you already have seen this, but we're sure you'll all enjoy watching it one more time. That Puglet is one clever pug. We do most of these things. Of course, being cats and dogs we can't cut the meats, but Mom do it a lot. And what she and we eat are often organic and free range.

20 April, 2010

Writing Tuesday

Today we're helping Mom writing an assignment. We love this kind of helping, since we can really just relax and sleep and have Mom's company while stil pretending we're helping. Uh.. knowing we're helping, I mean.

I'm feeling oh-so-helpful today.

Me too!

Hyssy, Virus and Bajas

19 April, 2010

Happy Monday!

Spring is here! Okay, so it snowed yesterday - but it's still getting less and less like winter. Good brudders can relax in the sun spot together.

"Hey big brudder - I've got to tell you a secret.." *whispers*

Also - some of you asked how we were doing with the whole volcano/ash-issue. We're just fine. We're not planning to fly anywhere and we're not really up high enough in the atmosphere to reach the volcanic ash. We do keep our fingers crossed that Katla, the bigger volcano, won't erupt allthough it's pretty likely that it will.

17 April, 2010

Silly Saturday (Deforestation)

BOL! Happy, silly Saturday efurryone.


16 April, 2010

Wanna se my barkday cake?

BOL! Can you imagine Mom giggling hysterically when she was preparing this one? It was a nice slice of ecologic, free range pork sirloin.


The kitties got a little taste, too, but most of it was all for ME! I can assure you I was a very happy puggie. Hm.. Yes.. I'm always a very happy puggie, but if possible this made me even a little happier.

Happy weekend efurryone!

Happy kisses,

15 April, 2010

Bajas Birthday Boy!

Can you believe the bestest little pug in the whole wide world turns 8 today? I won't repeat the birthday post from last year - but if you didn't read it you can learn a lot about how Bajas came to be mine and what a pain he was in the beginning. LOL! There are also puppy pix. http://wrigglebutts.blogspot.com/2009/04/happy-birthday-baby.html

We'll be celebrating a little today with Auntie Anna and we'll try to take some pix so you can see tomorrow.

- Ane -

We also want to ask you all to pop over and wish Salinger a happy birthday, too! Here he's posing with his mom's favourite tulips. Mom think they're very pretty and understand that they're off limit for peeing pugs, tulips are her favourite flower! It's quite funny actually - not only do Salinger and I share the same birthday, but our Mom's do, too (in February)!

As you can see, Salinger and I share the same philosophy in life, too:

I also want to wish a Happy Hatch Day to Gilbert! He is Emmitt and Melissa's Parrotlet!

How cute is he?
Kisses from the birthday boy!

13 April, 2010


It's important to have some nice decorations - like a couple of cats on the TV.



PeeEss: On Thursday is my BARKDAY! Do you think I'll get nice pressies? BOL!

12 April, 2010

Time for a wash?

Hey Bajas, I think you need a good cleaning!

Don't you use deodorant!? :o



Now that's a tired puggie! :romance-inlove:

Hey! Don't you walk out on me - I'm not done here! :naughty:


Keep it down, guys! I'm trying to sleep here!