27 May, 2008

Thank you!

We completely forgot to thank you all so very much for your support.. It's been a weird time but things are starting to get more normal each day! We enjoy reading blogs, but haven't been commenting much or posting anything, but hopefully things will turn around. The hardest part was posting the very first thing after the announcement.. (Yes, that's one really old picture, but the only one we could find right now - and look at that cute little puppy-butt!)

Ane, Bajas and Nimbus!


When we dropped by Patience and the Warburton Waggle's blog today (http://patience-please.blogspot.com) we saw some good news. Well - of course for Patience's sake we'd rather have her win the lottery to provide for her and the waggle while she writes her novel, but for us dog people out there it's good to know the bestest collar maker is up and running!

We totally don't get paid for advertising, by the way.. It's just been hard to blog about what we're up to with all the change that's going on it just doesn't feel right. But we felt like sharing this tip, allthough we're sure you all read Patience's blog allready!

Here's WriggleButts sporting their Dogwalkers wear.

Coco in supercute matching collar and panties
How cute is that butt???
There might not be much similarity to a tiger in Nimbus' personality, but at least this nice collar/leash combo match his tiger stripes. ;)
So run along to www.dogwalkers.net and have a look around. ;)

Ane & the WriggleButts

17 May, 2008

Coco 12/19/98-05/15/08

I'm sorry we've been absent for a while, and to return with sad news. Our sweet, sweet, naughty, smelly (sorry, darling) Coco-pug passed away on Thursday. Here's a few pictures to remember her by.

Ane - the WriggleButtMom

PS: The boys are doing just fine! They do not seem to miss her at all, I'm afraid. She was rather bossy, though, so perhaps they're enjoying their freedom.