25 June, 2010

Time to take out the laundry!

Mom is finally home with me after her second field trip. We're going into OUR summer field office for a while so blogging will, unfortunately, continue to be sporadic. Today Mom had to do some laundry since she's been away for so long and we're leaving tomorrow..

I jumped into the bag just in case she was packing to leave me once again.

She came back, though. Even though she picked me out of the bag before washing everything. (I guess that was pretty lucky, otherwise I would have gotten horribly clean.)


16 June, 2010

Field trip day II

This morning, this boat took us across the fjord to look at macroalgae. We saw a lot of other stuff, too.
I'll only share a few pictures, I'm having trouble uploading pix to my regular photo site, and I'm not putting all of them on Blogger.. Just too much trouble. It's a lot of fun being out seeing things in situ (in their proper place).

Something completely different:

We tossed this big "fork" to scrape off algae from the bottom to see. Much easier than jumping in. Ha ha..

Everything we found was passed around for all to see.

Tomorrow we're doing marine invertebrates. Today we finished early, in time for dinner. It's so nice not having to do lab work after dinner.. Now we're able to read and relax and talk. The Internet reception here isn't good, so I'm not able to read many blogs. Hope you're all well.


15 June, 2010

Field trip!

I'm sorry the boys' return to power was so brief.. I've been crazy busy between my final exams and today - when it was time for the first field trip this summer. We're in a little village close to my home town and the main theme for this trip is marine life. Today we went out on one of the University's research ships and our theme was plankton.

Inside it's clear this is no pleasure boat (unless looking at marine algae is your kind of pleasure).

We got to see both zooplankton and phytoplankton.

And we had some pretty nice views, too!


10 June, 2010

How cute are these guys?

09 June, 2010

We're back! And celebrating!

Hi guys!

It seemed to take forever, but yesterday Mom had her last two exams this semester! Today she went and picked up her new foot beds - fingers crossed they'll work their magic and make her able to walk again like before! She also picked up a few meatables for me and the kitties to make up for the poor company she's been lately. She's also spent the rest of the day on the couch with us. Yay.

Okay.. This may not be for the squeamish!? She went by an asian market today and found several kinds of meatables that she would categorize as "fun". (I just categorize them all as "yum".) She got me a big bag of raw, untreated pig's ears! She also found something that she hopes will help the kitties along their way to eating bones.

She bought a big box of FROG LEGS!

Hey there, little froggie. Are you any good?


Yum!!! I sure hope the kitties doesn't like them, because then I can eat the whole box!

Hoppy Wednesday, efurryone! We'll try to catch up with you all before Mom heads out on field trips, which she'll be doing a lot of this summer.

Big kisses,

01 June, 2010

Lost, elderly whippet - Toledo, WA!

I'm just copy-paste'ing from Whippet World! Feel free to spread the word - with a bit of luck we might see the poor old dear safe and warm before the storm hits.

Old Skinny Whippet dog is missing. He wandered off while family was on vacation.
He was last seen walking in his pajamas. We believe his collar has slipped off.
He does not hear or see well. He is very old.
If you have seen our friend, Eddie, please contact:
Whippet Rescue 503 245 1393
or Lori Rose at freerangewhippets @ comcast.net (take out spaces)

*** This is urgent if there is anyone in the area who can help, we are expecting very heavy rains and a storm system to come through the area beginning this evening and tomorrow***

Please Forward

Just dropping by to show you...

how much fun Virus and Hyssing had this morning! They got to try quail today and ate pretty much all of it. The wings were not tempting enough, though, as there's pretty much no meat on them. So Mom tied one of them with some string and we sat and watched them bat it around for ages.

Sorry about the quality. She used her cell phone..


(Note from Mom: Of course this toy was only available during supervision, like anything with a string on it. The cat tree is just a couple of feet away from me when I'm sitting at home writing.)