30 November, 2009

The WriggleButts' Advent Calender

Tomorrow is December 1st - (and Mom's first exam, keep your paws crossed!) and we promise to post every day for the next 24 days having our own count down to Christmas. We've had a good weekend up by the lake. Now Mom is doing her final cramming (not aided by the Acer Aspire One dying on her when we were away and now all her summaries are gone) and we're catching up on some sleep. Not that we've missed out on any, but it sounds better that way. Here are some super cute pix from our weekend, though! Feel free to say "awww"!

Virus: This kid really wears me out!


27 November, 2009

Hyssing is a funny little guy...

We're really enjoying having him around.. Mom says he might be a lot more trouble than what his dad was, though.. Wonder what that means - he's been no trouble to me so far.

He has one very funny habit - he seems to often fall asleep while sitting...

He usually almost fall over and then come to his senses...

Now that looks better, Hyssing!

Oh - and remember to VOTE for him! Look in the top right menu. The voting ends on the 29th and after a long time on top he's fallen off the #1 spot and we need to get him back up and keep him there until the voting closes!!

Happy Friday efurryone!


26 November, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday guys! And happy Thanksgiving to all of our US friends.

Our great (literally) buddy Mango gave us this award. Thanks! We're so thankful for all our blogging ( and real life) friends. We do actually have a day with the same origin as Thanksgiving, but it's not such a big deal in the way you see at least in North America. Mom did celebrate Thanksgiving when she lived in Canada so she's told us a bit about it. Allthough the date is different we're assuming it's pretty much the same thing. :)

We were really hoping Mom would make US a turkey, but no such luck. :(

We'll also pass the award on to a few of our wonderful friends
- Forever Foster - we are thankful for such caring friends who foster kittens in need
- Khyra and her mom - who help doggies in need on their way to a good furever home
- Brutus - who is out there showing that all breeds can do agilities and just hosted a very fun contest
- The Poupounette - who share so many great pictures - and will have kitten pix to share within a week!

Big thankful kisses
Bajas - for having Mom and BamBam and all you guys
Virus - for getting this fun son-toy to play with all day long
Hyssing - for a good new home with lots of hooman attention just for me and a loving father who always come when I call for him.

25 November, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Visitator

Remembering Snickers

BamBam and I are still here - as are the rest. We're also sorry Mom was so tired so she even forgot to post about Snickers' passing yesterday. We were so very sorry when we heard about her passing on Sunday... Run free our sweet, wiry friend! If you haven't already dropped by please do so and show her human/canine/feline family a little support. You can also see a lovely tribute if you don't already know Snickers!


23 November, 2009

We're entering exam mode... (And fun pix)

Hi guys!

We just wanted to apologize in advance as we (Mom) are entering exam mode and will not be able to visit as much as we'd like to and we might miss out on some postings, too!

But - here are some fun pictures of Hyssing's crative eating positions.

Hahaha... This might look as it's taken when he's on the move. He did, however, stand like this and eat for a while... Haha..

..and like this, too!

Now I'm going to help Mom with a nap. She's been at school a couple of hours today and is home again with a headache. I'm sure some nice snoring in her ear will help.


22 November, 2009

Bootie-licious Sunday!

There are so many fun contests lately! And as always we want to join in the fun. Max and JD are hosting a bootie-licious contest and with our cute hinies we proudly present our entries:

Bottoms Up category:

For the Tail Placement contest this is Virus showing how he uses his tail to sit straight.

For the Tail Placement category this is Bajas showing off how his tail is used to steer at high pug speeds.

And for the Bottoms Up:

We had lots of fun picking these and hope you had fun watching them, too!

Bajas & Virus (Hyssing is too young for this, hehehe!)

21 November, 2009

Introducing Hyssing!

Okay, so we're finally through all the trip pix and can properly introduce Hyssing. As most of you know his Sunday name is (N) Mega Miaow's Poirot and I was concidering continuing to use the "Poirot" for everyday use. I love the name, but it doesn't sound too good in Norwegian (becomes 3 syllables which IMO is to long for a call name) and I can't go around using the French pronunciation either. And when I one day said he was "hyssing" the name just sort of clicked.

The reason the name need such an introduction is that it's really a home-made word. In Swedish the word "hyss" means something similar to "prank". I think it's a very funny word (pronounced pretty much how you'd think from the spelling - sort of like hiss but with more of a "y" sound) and started using it. Either my friend Anna or I once used the word "hyssing" instead of hyss. Hyssing is a Norwegian word and means string. The adding of the postfix -ing is generally used to alter the word class - just like move to moving in English. And so "hyssing" became the word for doing the "hyss". (Now are you confused? LOL!) And now suddenly it's a name. And since his tail is long and thin the "string" part of it makes the name sort of a dual meaning one. :)

He's a real little cuddle bug!

He keeps falling asleep sitting on the edge of the sofa.

He's realy bold and has even dared to go really close to Bajas by now.

Virus still plays a bit rough from time to time - but all in all he's settling in nicely. I just love the little guy. He's so secure and social and loves scritches and will purr soooo loudly! And Bajas is in heaven, I think. He's not been chased or bitten once since Hyssing arrived. So far the plan to have the kitties play with each other rather than him is working.


20 November, 2009

Our trip home!

Early Monday morning it was time to go home. We got up, packed, stuffed the boys in the new bag and wheeled our way to the bus stop. Found the right bus (yay!) and was a the train station about 30 minutes ahead of departure just as planned. I hate being in a hurry. This left time to get a cup of coffe. Drink it on a bench while watching the people run around and find our car once the train opened for passengers and be completely settled in by the time we were moving. Perfect.

This is the "animal" are of the train. Can be a bit cramped when 3 ppl are there with animals, but we had it all to ourselves both direction!

Both boys in the carrier - you can hardly see Hyssing (he's on the right).

You get some pretty decent views when you take the train from Bergen to Oslo. (On our way there it was dark so we didn't see much).

See the long "box" across the middle of the mountain on the left? The train go through inside there and several like it on the way.

Both boys got some time outside.

What's with that thingy, Mom?

Looking at the landscape can be pretty fascinating!


19 November, 2009

Our trip (The Khyra Buffet) - Part II

Time to take a look at the pix from Sunday!

Virus right afte he was stuck back in his crate again. I forgot to say he was rather scared and stressed on Saturday. I have never seen him like that before so it was a bit scary. Poor guy... Thankfully Sunday was a much better day. I really need to get him to a show again in less than a year this time!

He did get his certificates (CAP) both days and was EX1.

I believe this might be the only picture I took of a cat that we didn't know and that wasn't in the finals. It's a Cornish Rex (the only one in the show and only showed on Sunday), so another curly one.

Pralinë with her new owner and her breeder - she was nominated for the final on Sunday and here they're waiting for an assistant to take her in.

All the judges got to cuddle her, as you can see. She even got a vote, but did not win!

Then I got to take little Hyssing with me back to where we stayed and it all went pretty well. I'll take the pix from the trip home and post them tomorrow! :)