31 October, 2009

Obey your master!

30 October, 2009

Finally Friday!

How to celebrate? We made picnik pick a few pictures for a collage - we think that's a job well done. But then again we've got a very good model so the chance of choosing bad shots was next to none.

29 October, 2009

Tongue-tastic Thursday!

There are contests efurrywhere lately.. Anna is hosting the Spectacular-tongue-tacular contest! Crazy tongue shots - now that's our kind of fun!

So here are our entries: Bajas

Now we hope we also made this Smiling Thursday with our silly tongues ;)

And since Mom sometimes uses this blog to make fun of US now it's time to make fun of HER! So we're entering her too. We're not sure if that's allowed, either way we're giving you all a laugh!

We hope auntie was taking that picture or the girls they shared this room with at the Canadiana backpackers in Toronto must have been terrified. Oh well, having a totally crazy Mom is pretty good at times since that kind of enthusiasm is also put into playing and cuddling! ;)


28 October, 2009

That's Ridiculous!

Our buddy Brutus is hosting a contest!

And with all the ridiculousness going on here we should certainly enter. Hehehe...

Bajas' entry (written by Virus):

Bajas is totally ridiculous! No matter what they do to him he gladly accepts it.. Backpack? Ok!

Knitted pink(!) hat? No problem!

He also has a really weird relationship with his stuffies (check yesterday's post if you haven't noticed already: http://wrigglebutts.blogspot.com/2009/10/bajas-and-bambam.html)

The other day he was even dressed up like a lion. Hah! He isn't even feline!

Virus' entry (pawed by Bajas)

My little brother is totally ridiculous - a feather will have him go mental!

He'll sun himself in the funkiest positions!

He thinks the way to go on a vacation is to lie in a box and be sendt by air mail!

He thinks the screensaver is alive..

...and when climbing into the box doesn't get him anywhere he's sure the backpack will work wonders...



27 October, 2009

Bajas and BamBam

Virus' play video got lots of comments about me humping BamBam... Now I must admit that this is sometimes necessary (you canines know how this can be needed to show that I'm still the boss around here), but usually this is what's going on: Mom made it really long so that you could see I cand do this for hours... but you may be bored quite quickly... Both videos are taken with Mom's phone and aren't of the bestest quality. Oh.. And it's sometimes a bit bumpy, since Virus tried to make his own scritches.

A while later I was tired from standing and laid down. Mom finds it funny how BamBam makes a perfectly sized pug bed..

You can also see Virus eating a part of sirloin from Mom's saturday dinner in this video (she cut of a little that we've gotten raw). I suppose I can't complain about abuse as long as Mom buys extra sirloin for us?!


26 October, 2009

My new two-piece...

Mom is apparently going crazy lately - the sewing machine seems to be going all the time. I was concidering getting a costume for the Halloween photo contests and this is what Mom made of the underskirt of a worn out skirt and a few yards of yarn:


What's that anyways?

A lion? Most amusing...

Perhaps I'll think this is funnier when I'm not so extremely sleepy?

Oh come on! You can't seriously try to make me stand up? No way.. This photo shoot is done with me lounging or even better - sleeping!

As a bonus - perhaps going undercover will make my pesky little brother bother someone else for a change?

Have a great week everyone!
Kisses (and lots of extra ones for Annie),

25 October, 2009

More shopping!

Here is the video of my new stuff!

I had lots of fun - but it's more fun when Mom doesn't try to get my frame in the picture box while we're playing.


24 October, 2009

Saturday shopping

Mom's been spending money left and right recently.. Not only did she order my portrait, but she's bought a few prints as well. It was our friends at "Forever Foster" that started it, really, when they bought such a lovely print from Tara Anderson. She had a lot of cute prints. But in the end we ended up getting the exaxt same print they did. It was just the cutest one. We also got another one - but since it's a gift it won't be revealed until later. This one will be up on our wall as soon as Mom find a frame that fits!

(It's got straight edges, but Mom photographed it at an angle because she used the flashie and it wasn't on a flat surface)

She also got this very cute Devon Rex print. It's got a partner, too, that also is a gift and will be posted later. It's from Suzanne Le Good.

She also ordered some stuff for Virus.. But as long as nothing edible arrives I'm not too envious. I like stuff that keeps the little monster entertained (otherwise I suddenly become his toy). We made a video of all his toys and such but then the computer died when we were saving it and.. well. We might redo it later, but for now you can enjoy our pretty prints!


23 October, 2009

Look what we got!

A few weeks Yvonne Sovereign posted on Whippet World that she was having a Christmas sale painting miniature portrait (5x7 inches). I just had to order a portrait of my baby Bajas. Interested? You can check out her offer here: http://southernwindstudio.blogspot.com/2009/09/christmas-portrait-special-for-2009.html

This picture does not do it justice! It's even more beautiful in person and - most importantly - it really is BAJAS and not any black pug.

Here's the picture I gave her to paint from:

I can't wait to have it framed and on the wall. (Don't worry - I'll show you! Hehe..)

Happy weekend everyone! Oh - and I think she's still taking orders for the mini's so if you're interested we strongly recommend it!


22 October, 2009

Fall is here!

And I'm prepared. So no worries!

Wonder why the kitty is giving me the evil stare?

Lemme think..

He must be jealous!

He can have the blanket!

Happy fall kisses,

21 October, 2009

20 October, 2009

Furry Tuesday!

Next to Bajas shiny furs mine may look fluffy and matte...

...but I'm getting curlier every day - just see here:

Oh - and please stop by our friends at Forever Foster - Harry the kitten needs our good thoughts and prayers! He's not feeling well and we all know scary this can be with the little ones.


19 October, 2009

A brief summary of our weekend.



16 October, 2009

Dory's Smile Fest 2009

We wanted to join Dory's smile fest! We're two smiling guys, so this should fit us well.

You can see I started my smile training as a tiny puppy. Here are our entries:

Virus - I smile because I have this long, funny thing attached to my butt!

Bajas: I smile because I just walked to the top of a mountain! Now I'm getting kisses and treats and water. Yay!

15 October, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday!

Two weeks ago today my boyfriend's friend slipped and fell in the bathroom and died. :rainbow: Yesterday a friend of a friend died in a tragic accident during a military exercise.

Both these incidents are sad and tragic of course. But more than anything I feel reminded of how narrow the line between life and death is. There's really one thing that each and everyone of us can be certain of - we're gonna die. So I just really wanted to remind you all to enjoy TODAY. We never know what's gonna happen, but we're here right now. So hug your hounds and your friends and family.




Have a little ice cream!

Enjoy the little things (don't buy cheap children, though!)

Jump! (And don't worry what others will think of you.)

Hug your friends and loved ones.

Make silly faces.

See? It's not hard. We just got to remember.