30 October, 2008

Creative Thursday...

Okay... First things first - Mom is pretty much finished and is just waiting for Auntie Anna to read through it for her before handing it in. She's been doing pretty much anything else while she was supposed to write, though.. She startet trying to crochet - but then got a bit tired of it and wanted to do something different...

I can't believe she made me model the hat!

I'm so not impressed...
But if you like that sort of thing I'm pretty cute, huh? It's going to be a birthday present for Grandpa, but please don't tell him!! (And the flash make it look baby blue, but it's actually quite a bit darker. Mom is still concerned it turned out a bit too sweet for grandpa, though..)

PS: I'll come visit you all soon... Mom didn't let me use the computer while she was writing.. Bah..

29 October, 2008

PS: Would you send some good wibes to Mom? She's trying to finish an important paper but is totally unable to focus...

Guess what!?!?!?!

When Mom and I looked out this morning we saw....


OMD is it really TRUE???

I could make yellow snow! SNOW!

Do you see I like eating the SNOW?

Can you see where I walked?

This little guy was hanging in there, but I don't know for how much longer. Mom said the snow would probably melt during the day, but still there's SNOW outside. Di I mention I found SNOW?

Happy kisses,

(I'll let Virus post some other day. Snow is way more important than cat.)

28 October, 2008

Fall walkie

Here are some pictures of one of our fall walkies!

See how smooth pug furs are?`The burrs don't stick to me! Oh no! But they did to my leash...

And to Mom's gloves.. That's what you get when you're so stupid you try to pick them off before taking your gloves off! Hah!

The soccer goals have all gone into winter storage or something, too...

Uh.. They're WHAT? Pug traps? Oh NOOOOOOOOO......

27 October, 2008

MomDay Cooking - Chana Masala

Here's a bit more of the Indian flavours for you! I tried to make an Indian sauce from scratch the other day and it turned out great! And it was soo much simpler than I imagined.. (I should have done this ages ago!)

Chana Masala
1 can of chopped tomatoes (400g)
1 onion (really.. I didn't have any and just skipped it without any problems)
1 carrot
1 clove of garlic
1 minced chili
1 tsp minced garlic
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp (ground) cumin
1 tsp ground coriander
2 tbsp Garam Masala
1/2 lemon - juiced
1 can of chick peas (400g)
rice and/or naan bread and sallad!

I cooked my carrots in the sauce and they "vanished" when I used the hand blender in the end. Because of this I didn't bother to finely mince/grate the ginger. You could replace the carrot with other veg you like (or just add some more). I forgot to add the garlic to the picture!

The spices - I used some chili flakes and some tabasco to heat things up as I didn't have any fresh chilies.

Brown your onion and garlic and add ginger and the tomatoes and carrot pieces. Add the spices and leave to simmer for 20 minutes or so.

The chick peas - I cooked my own but canned work just fine if you don't bother. Here you see the dry one on the right, then a soaked one (10hours) and a boiled one on the left. I cooked my sauce and my soaked chick peas for an hour!

Then I added the juice from half a lemon to the sauce, whizzed it up and tasted - it was really yummy and I only added a little more tabasco. I don't have any plated pictures of this as I didn't eat it right away but brought some to work yesterday and some for lunch today. I'll try to remember to take a picture of my lunch. LOL! I have one more portion in my freezer and then I gave the rest of the sauce to PA and he brought it home and had this for dinner yesterday too (and gave it his approval).
I'm looking forwards to lunch! (",)

26 October, 2008

The events of the Sweden trip.. a bit delayed...

Okay... Do you remember the shoppin trip to Sweden? Well.. You might remember there was also a funny part I promised to get back to.. But.. Ahem.. You know the tree T's - things take time...

Mom has.. uh.. well.. had.. A large, pink bag with wheels and because we've sold the car she brought it to get home all the heavy stuff.. Before we sold the car we used it to get the stuff from the car and to the apt..

So... Having stuffed the bag with drinks, canned foods, fresh and frozen meatables, cat/dog toys etcetera Mom and Auntie were left at the train station by Grandpa to take the train back to Oslo and then bus/subway home.

So... with the huge, heavy bag rolling happily behind her Mom pass over one bump too many.. Et voila...

The thingy holding the wheel breaks.. The bag really was too heavy to carry (more than a couple of meters at a time) and the easiest way was to drag it behind her (it still had one wheel, after all..) but the big question is wheather it would fall apart on the way or not..

And it did.. sort of.. As you can see it won't be used again. BOL! Three cans of carbonated and flavoured water was ruined (leaving a little stream behind.. tee hee..) but apart from that the rest of the goodies - and most important the meatables and the toys - arrived safely.
And mom will have to go get a new bag..
Hope you've all had great weekends!

25 October, 2008

Calling Annie

Yay! It's finally Saturday and time to call Annie! I could hardly wait for Mom to leave for work!

First you've got to fetch the phone..

Opening it up is the first challenge.. I hope Annie is up yet!

Hello? I would like to call collect to Annie, please, and have it charged to Howie Pee!
Hi! Annie? I hope I did not wake you... Mom finally left so I called right away! Uh.. Hold on a sec.. I'll just finish my blog post.. This is none of their business!

Have a great Saturday guys!


24 October, 2008

Visitators - the evidence!

Hi guys! Mom almost forgot to get the camera out to get evidence of our visitators, but remembered right before they left! They ate chickpeas in some yummy sauce and watched "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".. The only downside was that the couch only takes three and they were three hoomans.. But I finally convinced Mom that I would fit in there too, and then we watched the movie all five of us! Yay!

Grandpa and I (once Mom had moved her big butt to get the camera I took her spot!)
We like visitators!!

Now see that freaky tummy! She's apparently eaten some kid!! (Now is that even LEGAL??)
But it works nice as a resting spot for kitties... She said I was too heavy. HEAVY! Hmpf...

I'd rather cuddle with Grandpa anyways!
I hope you all have great weekends!

23 October, 2008


Awoooohooo! Mom just told me that we're getting visitators today! I love visitators. I'd even forgive Mom for the ugly-picture-taking-camera phone for a while for getting visitators! Mom tend to hang out with Auntie and Grandpa on a fairly regular basis, but they usually go away for movies and dinner and stuff.. But now they're going to come play with me! Yay!

This is Auntie with me when I was just a tiny poopie.. Now she is apparently incubating one of them puppy humans herself! Her tummy is looking all freaky...

And this is Grandpa. He's fun, too, but in a more "The reason you have four paws is actually to keep them on the ground" sort of way.. (Bah.. Humbug! Visitators are supposed to think it's perfectly allright for me to walk all over them and kissybitey their noses..)

Perhaps we'll get around to taking some pictures to show you all later.. We live in the tinies apartment as you might remember, so entertaining is an extremely social business! (I like social!)

Kisses all around,

22 October, 2008

Virus Vednesday - sleepy!

Some days you're sleepier than other...

Oh.. So tired...



21 October, 2008

Mom Is Stupid.

I don't like Mom. I really, really don't like Mom. She finally got her new cell phone and I'm sure there's something very, very WRONG with the camera on that phone. It might take pictures, unlike the camera on her old phone (I've stolen the phone, Annie, but haven't quite figured out how to work the pressure sensitive buttons yet..), but they're not showing the actual truth. As you know I'm a very handsome guy.. And I have plenty of photogenes! But Mom's new pictures keep taking pictures of.....


Sure you want to see?

... okay....

..here goes...

Mom laughs at the pictures and call me doofus-face..
uhm.. why did that camera put my tongue out again? Huh?
At least the camera make Virus look stupid too!


20 October, 2008

MomDay Cooking - Tandoori Chicken

I love Indian flavours.. You can of course make your own tandoori paste, but I'm going with the pre-made stuff. It takes a little while for the chicken to marinate, but other than that it's really easy! And soooo good!

a whole chicken in pieces - or your piece of choice (I generally use a skinless chicken breast)
tandoori paste
cumin seeds
(jasmin) rice
salad/veg of choice

Get the yoghurt and tandoori paste the night before or the same morning (preferably - a couple of hours on the counter will be pretty good, too!)
Mix up a couple of TBS of the paste with a similar amount of yoghurt and a TBS of vegetable oil in a plastic bag. Score the chicken a bit - but never all the way through - and get it in the bag and give it a quick massage. Then put it in the fridge until dinner time.
Turn on the oven to about 225degrees celcius (or if you're able to it would be great to grill the chicken insteda!) Then get your rice. I love jasmine rice.. There's no other rice as flavourful in my opinion, but you can use the rice of your choice! In this case we're flavouring it even more, too!
In adition to the rice we're putting in some cumin seeds and a bit of turmeric.
Heat a little oil in the pot you are going to use(optional you could dry fry the seeds and rice as well - I'm very inconsisten on this and do either) and toss in about half a tea spoon per dl of rice. Add the rice and fry it until it becomes translucent (the change is not very apparent without oil, so if this is your first attempt I'd use oil!) and then add a tea spoon of turmeric and the water. I bring it to a boil (happen pretty much right away since everything is hot) and turn off the heat leaving it on the remaining heat - if you're cooking with gas you might want to leave it at a very low heat instead.

Let's not forget the salt.. (I tend to do that..)

Adding it to the yellow rice water...
I cook my chicken in the oven (usually - I also use this marinade for chicken to barbecue in summer). Place it in the middle of the oven for about 15 minutes while the rice finishes cooking.

Plate up with some nice veg and you're ready for a yummy dinner.

17 October, 2008

Finally Friday!

Today Mom is finally going to get some rest, and we'll be helping her as best as we can!

Virus is doing his best to help Mom watch TV lately... BOL...
He might not have too much furs, but he's not actually invisible!
Purrhaps he's learning to dance?
Virus? Viiiiruuus? Can you hear me over there?

Virus: WHAT?

The reason it's so messy and weird is that it's both external computer screen for the laptop and tv, so it's placed on Mom's desk. (We live in a tiny studio apt., remember?)

I hope you all have great weekends!

Kisses and snores,