30 September, 2010

Happy, dancy Thursday!

We don't know if you've all seen this (but if so, it's worth to see it again). We just saw it this morning, and it made us all smile!


29 September, 2010

Fall is here...

While out on walkies we're seeing more of these sort of colors.. (Can you believe the hooman didn't bother to cross the street and take a proper, car free photo?)


It's getting very dark in the mornings, too.. This was taken out the window from Mom's work place this weekend..

A morning walkie picture...

Also - I wanted to show that, just like Hyssy yesterday, I can also sleep upside down.


28 September, 2010


26 September, 2010

Sunday Support

This bed is just great. It's even got extra support for those of us with plenty of lip. BOL!


25 September, 2010

Well done!

It was indeed a mushroom!


Mom is working this weekend (=boring), but at least we've gotten some nice snuggle time on the couch while she read on her Kindle.


24 September, 2010

Friday mystery.

Can you guess what this is?

Also - Mom handed in two important papers today, so perhaps she'll have the energies to turn on the computer again soon. We get bored without our blogging friends.

Happy weekend everybody.

Kisses, Bajas

22 September, 2010

Evil Kitties II (the movie)

You know something is wrong when they turn on their laser beam eyes.

PeeEss: I totally own the white new bed by now. BOL!

Bajas (I promise I'll start being a bit more active soon, but this bed is so darn comfortable.)

20 September, 2010

Evil kitty attack

Uh oh...

17 September, 2010

Got tail?

Otherwise you might borrow some of mine. Tee hee..

Happy Friday!


15 September, 2010


I guess we have to share it.




We'll even let the pug in there if he wants to!
Bajas: Uh? What just happened?

Hyssing and Virus

14 September, 2010


Since I didn't come along when Mom and Hyssy went away she brought me home some presents.


I'm not quite convinced that the hammock is a good idea, Hyssy can keep it for now.

But the bed...

Hee hee.. All mine!


13 September, 2010

Congrats, Hyssy

Our little Hyssy recieved his third certificate on Sunday, making him a Premier (the neuter alternative to a Champion title). It's the same title that Virus gained this spring.

Hyssy ready to face the judge.

Here you can see a little video of what it's like to be a show kitty.

Will you pose with your new fancy rosette, Hyssy?
'K Mom, but I don't think this was such a great idea...

12 September, 2010

On the road again.

...or the water that is. We are on our way to day two of the show. Nothing much to tell yet, Hyssing won't be judged until today.

11 September, 2010

Show kitty.

Mom and I are at the Scandinavian Winner Show this weekend. Wish me luck.
Kisses, Hyssing.

10 September, 2010

Good Mom.

She went shopping in Sweden. Looks good!

08 September, 2010

Benny and Lily asked...

...(a while back) where were the close-ups of my face?

Mom DID try..

But it's furry, furry difficult to stay calm when Mom gets THAT close!

At least this should provide you with a good laugh!


Also - we encourage all of you interested in art or rescue to drop by the Whippet Rescue Art Auction! Here you can bid on donated artworks and also a couple of signed books. You can also just make a donation if you want to contribute to the care for rescued dogs.


07 September, 2010

The Laundry Horror

Mom WASHED BamBam. Can you believe her nerve? My poor, poor BamBam. It will take me a long time to make him as nice and stinky and dirty as he was before.


I blame YOU for this, Mom.



06 September, 2010

Our weekend..

Now you already know some of the stuff we've been doing this weekend, and what a bore Mom was on Saturday.. Here's what we did the rest of the time:




I helped Mom and PA put up a new indoor - outdoor thermometer. It wasn't my fault that it didn't work properly. I snoopervised very well.

It was a very lovely Sunday..

I've already shown you this one, of the bribe I got on Sunday. However the e-mail thingy sort of flipped it on its side, so here it is the right way up.

Mmm.. Chicken!


05 September, 2010


You may call it bribery, but I say they are forgiven. I got half a chicken.


04 September, 2010

Pretty things

Mom is still going crazy with the phone. And then they went off on errands and dropping by Ikea to get some stuff. Don't they know weekends are to be spent with us?

03 September, 2010

Hyssy says...

Travelling is quite alright. Especially when you get tummy scritches on the train. We've arrived safely at the field office. We wish you all a great weekend!

02 September, 2010

The PeeWee gets a Home!

Once again, not this PeeWee. He has a most wonderful Home already in Master Chew Sits. He gets to hang out with the Mango efurry day (we're a little envious about that).

But Mom got our PeeWee a house. She started out with a "Hol" from Ikea and a little DIY.
(How cool is that saw? )

Here it's almost done!

Then just put the lid on and place some pillows on it - et voila!

The pellets don't really get all over the place like sand does, but it's still nice to have it all hid away. It's also plenty of room in there, so a couple of the bags of pellets have gotten stuck in there, too.


As for the PeeWee - we've got some questions. We're very happy with it. It's cheap and convenient. When they cats pee most of it just go through the holes in the bottom of the top layer and dissolve a little of the pellets, that also go through the holes. (You have to either shake the box or have big diggers to get it all through). And then of course you have to pick out the poop (which in my case is just every other day due to the raw feeding). Then you empty the bottom of the box every now and then. I keep a plastic bag on the bottom layer so that I don̈́t have to wash the box itself, just throw out the bag with the wet sawdust. It doesn't smell anything else than mildly of pine. Not all cats accept it, though, but thankfully we had no problems with it.


01 September, 2010

Walking Wednesday!

Hello, friends!

Mom and I had a nice walkie this morning and we even made a little video.


We met this little slug.. We think he was hurt since he was positioned so strangely. This is a "good" slug, so we placed him in the grass so that if he's got a chance to recover he can.

I was quite happy to help with the photographing of the slug.. so Mom said I had to sit/stay..
What, lady? You said stay - you gotta say something more if I'm to come with you!


Oh - and here you can see me walking. Mom was smart enough to avoid the narrating.. she always messes the videos up if she does..

(see how I had her zoom up so you can see my pretty face?)