27 March, 2008

Merry Christmas

"What" you say? "Christmas? They must be out of their minds!"
That's pretty much what we thought when we got up in the morning, too... Our Christmas snow arrived either very late og extremely early...
What? We'll have to go outside? But we've bragged about having spring and now it's like totally not spring!

Next year we won't be bragging about having spring until the middle of July... ;) BOL!

24 March, 2008

The WriggleButts on Norway - OSLO

Soo.. We've been getting some questions about Norway in our blog and we thought we'd try to educate you all a bit. Oslo is the capital of Norway and as we live just about half an hour from the city centre we though we'd start out giving you a tour of the city.Compared to the capital cities most of you will be used to Oslo is a rather small and green city with a population of 550 000 persons. The total area is 454 square kilometers and of this 242 square kilometers are forest. We'll start our little tour from the Central Station. Oslo is also known as "Tigerstaden" or the Tiger City. This was originally a name used to describe Oslo as a dangarous and merciless city. It was first used in litterature by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson in the poem "Siste sang"(Translates to the last song) in 1870. Today it's a name with positive associations and this tiger statue and Bajas' buddy was placed outside the station in 2000.
Oslo is the oldest of the Scandinavian capitals, and its history goes back to 1000 years ago, when the first settlements were built at the inlet of the Oslo fjord.After the Great Fire that destroyed the city in 1624, the Danish King Christian IV, decided to rebuild the city in brick and stone, and named it Christiania. Three hundred years later, in 1925, the citizens decided to rename their city Oslo.

Above you see the Akershus Fortress. The building was commenced in 1299. King Christian IV had the castle modernised and converted into a Reneaissance castle and royal residence.

This statue is placed below the castle by the fjord in memory of the 158 who died when Scandinavian Star sank on its way from Oslo April 7th 1990. In this case it looks like the little boy have forgotten something very important - Coco. The Statue of Whippety - located close by.

Oslo City Hall.Stortinget - the Parliament.

The Parliament is guarded by two lions - and as you've allready discovered Bajas tend to befriend the large cats. Tee hee..

The view from the Parliament towards the Royal Palace.
Roxy and Lucky wondered why there is so little car traffic. This is a rather quiet street because most of it is just for walking. This part of it is, however, open for cars - but it's not usually a convenient route. Plus it's Easter and a Sunday so most people would be elsewhere.
Soo many dogs have walked along here - it's almost impossible to keep up with the humans if you want to smell it all!
The old university - Mom sang at a concert here last fall. It was actually part of the Chinese Culture Festival and her choir had two concerts with Inner Mongolia Guangdian Arts Ensemble. They sang traditional Norwegian folk songs and the Inner Mongolian choir sang their folk songs. The plan is for the Norwegian choir to go to China this fall.

The Royal Palace was built from 1824-1848. The royal family do not usually stay here but outside the city. If you're interested in them they have a website here. The Palace Park is a popular recreational area with small lakes, statues and green areas where you can have a picnic or something.

This is Haakon VII king of Norway from 1905-1957. Well. It's not him, really. It's a statue of him. But we hope you got that before we pointed it out. We might get into some more Norwegian history in the future. Either way he was our first king as an independent county.

We hope you learnt a thing or two and that you enjoyed our sillypix.

Kisses from the WriggleButts

There and back again (and the pictures to prove it)

We're home from our Easter holiday. It's still Easter, but Mom is working today. She didn't really have Easter off, it was just her regular weekend (she works every other weekend, so her weekends off are usually more than two days). We're posting a zillion pictures of our trip and hope we won't bore you too much. We've got plenty more (slightly more silly) pictures for you to see later.
Heading off in the morning. The humans were too slow and ended up having to drive to the station to make it in time. Then parked as the train was approaching and we all ran. Much fun.
Aboard the train we were pretty good. Nimbus barked at the ticket-lady (of course) and Coco tried her very best to charm the man across the isle.
Then gave up and decided PA was her best shot.
Hey! I'm just good so you don't mention me? Huh?

In Oslo we took a great walk before heading for the second train. We'll post those pictures separately. They're lots of fun. We promise - you just wait and see!

Taking the elevator down to the underground platform at the Nathional Theatre station. A bit scary - but not as scary as the escalators (according to Nimbus who's afrait of them, too).

This sort of art is on the wall across from the platform. Mom likes the concept. We don't care. It's various sorts of pictures and patterns made with holes in metal plates.

Rubbing against PA's legs. Wearing a coat is sooooo irritating.. Especially when we have to stand still for like minutes!

Our train.. Getting into this train we had to climb very steep steps. Rather difficult for short pug legs.

After arriving we did some relaxing..
Bajas does it really well.
Coco - and Nimbus is in the blanket somewhere...
Pretty moonlight across the lake - Mom attempted pictures.. But it's hard to keep the camera steady. You can see it's pretty, though!

It snowed! See the silly whippet butt in the right bottom corner.
Coco heading off for a walk on the beach!
Nimbus having a run - you can see the house at the top of the picture. Not far to get to the lake ;)
Pretty, pretty..
Sniff, sniff.. The water is really low during winter so in summer we'd be under water by now.

Got anything yummy?
The view towards the city.
We took a long walk, too.. And Mom fell and hurt her back and her elbow. She's rather useless at walking, apparently... Sigh.. But it was cold and windy, allthough pretty, so we didn't mind staying inside and just relaxing most of the time. It's what we do best, anyways.

After our evening walk Mom suggested we come outside with her in the cold to attempt more moon pictures. We didn't like the idea very much. See our faces??
She made us come outside anyways!! But then we ran into the neighbours yard and found a big bone!! Hah! That taught her a lesson! All in all we had a very good trip and behaved very well on the train. Mom hadn't tried taking us all along at once before, but we were no trouble. Really.
We hope you've all had fun too!
the WriggleButts

20 March, 2008

Happy Easter!

We're heading off tomorrow for a little Easter holiday. We'll bring our camera so hopefully there will be some action to tell you all about later. Mom says we'll be taking the train so that should be rather eventfull on its own. Hope you all enjoy the holidays, allthough Mom says you might not have as much of a vacation as we get around here.

Fluffy yellow kisses,
the WriggleButts

16 March, 2008

Spring is here! (Hopefully)

It's been a lovely spring day and we thought we'd let you all tag along on our walk! We went down to the University of Agriculture and wandered around for a bit... It's rather pretty if we may say so ourselves. Wiew across the duck pond aproaching the campus.
One of our founding fathers, the old guys who wrote our constitution, came from our home town. On May 17th, our Constitutional Day all the children and loads of celebrating adults gather here in memory of Christian Magnus Falsen, our independence and our constitution.
A view more up close, not that you can read (or understand) the writing anyways.. Tee hee..
More pretty university buildings...
This is the old Dairy
From the back of the dairy - it's a museum now though.
This is a great site for a picnic! A bit later in spring there will be lots of flowers here, too!

This is one of the barns where they have cattle. When mom was just a youngster she used to wander down to the university in spring to visit the different barns. The people working there usually would let her (and sometimes her sister) in to see the kids, piglets, calves or other baby animals.
Most animals were still indoors, but the sheep was outsite and tried to eat the first green shoots of grass.
Mom says the reason she didn't take more pictures of us is that we got impatient and went all over the place whenever she got out the camera. Well.. Cell phone..
The chickens live inside here, apparently. We didn't see them or anything. Mom says baby chickens are very cute when they're just hatched and fluffy and yellow.
Across that field is daycare for kids of the students (and perhaps staff?). They must have lots of fun!
From the hen house towards the horses..

Mom! Mom! Seee.....You might notice some of the horses in the background have a light spot on their side - it's a hole! Like a real hole with a lid on it! The scientist-people apparantly like to check out how the stuff the horses eat affects them. Mom says it's not painful at all, but we're not sure we'd like a hole in our tummies for her to look into...

Fruit trees and the spear of the church on top of the hill.
One neat thing is that pretty much anything that grows on the campus is labeled with info about what kind of tree/bush/plant it is so you risk learning something while taking your walk.
All I'm really interested in is checking out if Coco's butt smell any different from a few minutes earlier. It did. But just a little.

Spring kisses,
The WriggleButts