30 April, 2009

Herbie & the scary Virus

Herbert og Virus
This is Herbie. He's Aunties kitty and he's a pretty cool guy. He's completely deaf, like some white kitties are, so he's been bullied a lot by other kitties. He came in to the cat rescue centre where Auntie used to volunteer (before she got pregnant) and she fell in love with him.

Herbert og Virus
The reason for him putting on his not-happy-at-all face was that Mom came by with Virus hoping that the two would learn to get along. Herbie got very scared and screamed a LOT! That made Virus a little scairt, too!
Herbert og Virus
But he did some cuddling with auntie.
Herbert og Virus
That was kinda nice!
Herbert og Virus
And he got to meet Harald, too - he still volunteers at the "Cat House" shelter.
Herbert og Virus
Herbie was very curious, though, and kept approaching Virus. They were both a bit scairt when this picture was taken, but Virus smily-blinked at Herbie and he went away again. They had several more encounters and then Mom took Virus home. Guess who was tired for a little while? That was pretty nice.. Tee hee... And they're gonna do this thing again. The good thing was that Virus totally respected Herbie when he was doing growlyfaces at him. That was apparently a first for poor H. He's used to kitties always attacking him and being mean. But hopefully he'll learn that big eared, curly ones are okay. At least if they're called Virus.


29 April, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Herbert og Virus

Herbert og Virus

Herbert og Virus

28 April, 2009

Philosophical Tuesday

At Norwegian Universities there's ONE obligatory course for all students. Earlier you had to take it the first semestre, but now you only need to plot it in somewhere as you do your bachelor or master. Mom is taking that class now. Mom is very, very bored. But mostly - she's having to write an assignment by this Friday. Or - she'll have to hand in a first draft on Friday and so her group teacher can read it by Monday when she'll be having a talk with him about it. Anyways.. Today she was up at 5.30 to give me a proper walk before heading off to school. And she intend to write the majority of the draft today. Because she's got to write an assignment on the NHS in her British Civilization class by the end of this week, too.

Now send her some philosophical and encouraging thoughst - will you? I want her to come home as soon as possible. If it takes too long she'll have to do the writing here with me on the couch, of course. A pug will only be left home alone for so long. But for some reason she claims to work better at school. She's writing about Peter Singer's environmental ethics, sentientism, biosentrism and deep ecology. Now doesn't that sound like fun? I think I'll have a little snooze. I'm sure if she could choose her own topic she'd write about pug philosophy, don't you?

Anyway - this was boring, so let me show you a too cute shot of my aunties kittie Herbert aka Herbie!

Herbert og Virus
Now are those cute toesies or what?


27 April, 2009

Our Sunday Walk

Yesterday Mom and I went for a nice walk around the little lake Sognsvann. Only 3 min walk from the subway station this is waht we find:

It's really nice spring weather!
Some ducks and birdies were out and swimming where the water was appearing under the ice.
We trotted along here!
This tree was almost entirely gone -it smelled funny, though.
View towards the lake.
I went into a small river that ran into the lake.
Nice to have a drink right from the source!
There are lots of paths in the area, but we stuck to the round around the lake.
I drank from the lake, too! Tee hee.. I've gotten a taste for the fresh water in my more mature age.
These ants have a town that's bigger than me - even if the ants themselves are tiny compared to me!
Birdies on the ice.
Mom and I went down here - and Mom ate her apple!
A very rude child came and told my Mom to leave because she and her family wanted to sit there and eat. Mom said she we wouldn't go until we were done. They eventally came down anyway (fine with us), and one of the children was shireking in a panick because I was there even though I was just sitting by myself watching the duckies. The ironic part is that when we walked on there was NO ONE on any of the other tables - and we passed between 7 and 10 in the next 10 minutes.. BOL..

This Basenji came up and talked with me. It was nice enough - but you know my Mom don't like people letting their dogs run up to strangers without asking. ;)

Have a great Monday, furiends!

26 April, 2009

Showy Saturday part II

Attempt at photographing the entire hall.

Puppy, puppy!
The fawn invasion. BOL!
Tove stealing puppy kisses.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Mom really love these - almost like a black pug - someone has just uncurled the tail and pulled the nose back out.
Australian Shepards. No sheep, though.
Siberian Huskies.
Great Dane. We loved the use of x-pens!
More Great Danes - and Chinese Cresteds in the background.
Chow Chow
Staffie puppy!
I LOVE puppies! (Notice my cool collar?)
And with the last pic of the staffie puppy I'll wish you all a great Sunday!

Showdog Xtraordinaire.

25 April, 2009

Showy Saturday!

Hi guys! I'm home again!
It was fun to talk to everyone and we've got LOADS of pix of all sorts of doggies - we'll post some today and the rest tomorrow. First you get the most important ones, though - ME!
As for results they were pretty much as expected. I got the highest quality ribbon - but nothing apart from that. I was actually the only black one - all the rest were fawns. And many were good. Mom was very sorry to hear from one that she'd just plain given up showing her black pug as it's just impossible to win anything with them. This makes Mom very furious. She knows me and my good and bad sides and wasn't expecting any big wins with some very good competition. But it's so sad that the prettiest colour of pug is seen as lower quality. It really would be good to have the colors seperated, as this should improve the quality of the blacks as well.

Anyway - I don't carea about the color of the ribbons! It was fun! This is when i had just finished! Tee hee...
Now this is one of the Norwegian breeds - Lundehund. They have extra toes and very mobile joints - and are cute, too! If you're a tiny bit curious you can have a read here for a few more facts - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwegian_Lundehund
So - wanna see what else we saw? I thought so!
Irish wolfhound - I wonder how many pugs it would take to fill one of those. Not as food - but inside..
Boston Terror
Sweet whippet relaxing in a chair.
Best whippet bitch and best of opposite!
Corgi butt and a cute French Bulldog.
He was mostly on the floor like this - pretty cute guy!
Another whippet bitch (this was either second on third in the bitch class - Mom's three favourites made the top 3)
And finally - another whippet. BOL! There will be more breeds for you tomorrow!
Hope you all have great weekends. I've returned to the couch for farting and sleeping.