31 January, 2010

Silly Saturday - and MM

Hi guys!

Today I thought I'd make you all smile with a few pix of my silly past.

I also strongly encourage you all to go to Mango Minster to VOTE for your favourites! Right now it's for the Cat Dog cat(heheh)egory where Hyssing and Virus are entered.


30 January, 2010

Belly rub Saturday

Rub my belly please?


29 January, 2010

Freaky Friday

Remember the video of Virus carefully going downstairs one step at a time? If you do - good for you 'cause we can't find it. BOL! Anyways, the main point of this introduction is to say that

..sometimes the apple falls (quite literally) quite far from the tree...

That's right - Hyssing takes the "just dive into it" strategy... (Mom's even more terrified when the chair's not standing there..)

..And since I know you come here for cuter pix than just kitties - here's a couple of ME!

I was just 10 months in these pix. ;)


27 January, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

26 January, 2010

Mango Minster Entries 2010

It's that time of the year again - Mango Minster!
We tried to enter last year but we're fearing that our mails are not getting through to the Mango Estate so this time we're attempting a late on-blog entry so we're not left out.

So here they are:

Cat dog - Virus - male
Breed: Devon Rex
Cat dog - Hyssing - male
Breed: Devon Rex
Sporty Dog - Bajas - male
Breed: Pug
Bloggy address: http://wrigglebutts.blogspot.com
PeeMail: bajasATwhipmopsDOTnet

25 January, 2010

Mancat Monday

Hey Dad! Stop being such a snob and start POSING!

Now follow my example...

No way!
Uhm.. Just pose, Dad, not getting in my face!



23 January, 2010

Sexy Saturday

Purrrr girlcats! I'm like totally loosing my baby toofies and everything. That makes me a macho, macho mancat right?


22 January, 2010

And the blood came from...

Remember these?

Well it turns out I was right. And I've rarely been so happy to be right. Nothing anything scary going on, it really was just a loose baby tooth he'd been picking on. Yesterday morning (or night, sometime, really) I found something small and hard beside me in bed... I was soo sure it was a tooth - and that morning I looked around for it and found it. Yay!

Here it is, next to a AA battery..

It really is quite small, but it's still impressive how much of it is hidden...

At least now I don't have to worry about something being seriously wrong.


21 January, 2010


I made lapskaus for dinner yesterday and it was YUMMY! It's really simple and I thought I'd walk you through it if anyone wants to try.

I started out making stock by first browning and then simmering some rather tough meat and a piece of bone with a couple of carrots, half an onion and a bay leaf. You don't have to do this, though, but I had the time! You could skip this step and use sirloin or something similar + stock.

If you're not making stock you start at this point. I had my tender pieces of beef back into the pot after sieving the stock off. I took half a carrot and mashed it up with a fork hoping it would add nice flavours to the gravy after boiling in the stock for so long. I just made that up today, though.
Then add diced potatoes, carrots and pretty much any vegetables you like. Root vegetables are traditional. I just use carrot and potato but I will usually stir in some chopped, frozen spinach when it's done.
Add your stock, either home made or bought so everything is covered.
Let simmer for at least half an hour. Season to taste - salt (if you use home made stock at least) and pepper (I use lots of pepper). Don't stir it too much, but you want the edges of the potatoes to break up (I often mush up a couple of pieces if it turns out to be too soupy). My meat was a bit too tender by the time I got in the vegetables and so it broke up a bit with the final stirring... And I didn't get any pix with the spinach added. It should be a thick porridgy texture. PA ate his with a fork.
I have a little bit of leftovers for later. It's one of those dishes that taste better the next day making it great food when you have company over since you can make it in advance and just re-heat it. You can also use more stock so it remains a chunky soup (suppelapskaus). Any meat and even sausage can be used, but this is my favourite and the most common version.

Did you know 8th Avenue in New York once was known as Lapskaus Boulevard? That was back when Bay Ridge in Brooklyn was the center of the city's Norwegian/Scandinavian community. You can still find the deli "Nordic Delicacies" http://www.nordicdeli.com/history/history.htm

Anna asked if you were to brown the meat before simmering or just chucking it in. You can do either, but browning it will add a bit more flavour and color.


20 January, 2010

Bloody Wednesday.. (updated)

Hi guys, I was quite shocked this morning to find Hyssing's cute, white paws reddish with blood! I've no idea why, but I'm hoping he might have bled some from one of his baby teeth that's about ready to fall out. I've checked over all the boys and not found any injuries.

Here's a poor cell phone picture.

I've washed them and will check them again when I get back from school in a couple of hours.

Update@ 2PM: when I got home there was no more blood and I've not found any more blood either on the boys or anywhere else. We might never figure this one out. I'm making a traditional stew here and cut some yummy pieces of sinewy(IMO yucky) meats for them all to gnaw on when cutting up my meat. I think you're supposed to cook it with all the stuff in but I prefer less of a "clean up" operation afterwards when I've cooked the meat and stock and have to take out bone and other inedible pieces. I'm really picky, though. Good thing the boys appreciate it.

18 January, 2010

Manic Momday

Happy new week, guys!

We want to thank you all for your superb bloggyvibes! Pending approval of one, but we're thinking Mom's got ALL her problems solved. She had her introduction to the biodiversity class today and tomorrow molecular biology. English translation and "Literature and Society in the US and Canada" both begin on Thursday and British Lit on Friday the various seminars will start next week and then time will show if she'll manage all her subjects...

Either way we'll help her as best as we can by chillaxing as much as possible, preferably in her lap (or her books).

Bajas keeps playing with his BamBam (can anyone understand him??)

We assure you we'll try to keep Mom happy so she doesn't try to take over our bloggie any more!

Virus and Hyssing

17 January, 2010

Grumpy Sunday

Bah.. We've been relaxing all day but just now Mom got rather grumpy. She finally got the times for all her classes this semester and she didn't get ANY of the seminars she wanted causing them all to be at the same times.. Of her 5 subjects only one of them is problem free...

She's been sending e-mails all over the place hoping nobody else check their lists until tomorrow so she'll be first in line. BOL.. Keep your fingers and paws crossed will you? Seems like the spring semesters aren't her friends - some of you might remember we asked for good thoughts a year ago when she didn't even get the subjects she needed. That worked out so hopefully this will, too!

She's already read 7 of the novels in her two litterature classes and done other prep, but that won't help us much unless she's able to attend both lectures and seminars.

Update 10PM: The bloggie magic is working! Keep it coming. I've already got a mail from one kind stranger willing to switch British Lit. seminar with me so that's 1 of 4 conflicts solved.


16 January, 2010

Sleepy Saturday...

Looks like Mom needs to do some laundry, right? Or at least keep the kitties out of it.... BOL! She said she'll do it tomorrow. She better, or she'll have no nice, clean pants for her first day back at school on Monday.


15 January, 2010

Happy Friday!

Hi guys!

I wanted to take pix of my freezer full of yummies, but can you believe Mom still believes it's HER freezer? And so she's stuck it full of veggies and bread and other boring stuff. I'm still not complaining too hard as I've gotten more ox tail than this puggy can eat... So instead of freezer pix I've gotten out some pix from my youth.

These days only the kitties will try chewing cords...

Whatchamean "dead stuffie"? I've not killed nothing..

Hi Mom! I found this sock just lying around so I wanted to help it! Really!

Ahem... Mom always say I was a pain when I was a puppydog. I strongly disagree and assure you that I've never done anything wrong. It is, however, curious that when picking three random pix from my first year folder they all include me doing mischief. But I assure you this is a coincidence!


14 January, 2010


Uhm.. Not us this time, acually! Mom finally got us a freezer! Just a little one, but there should still be space in there for quite a lot of yummies! Hey, if Mom's good we might even let her store some of her meatables in there, too. (She thinks that's what it's for.)

We've got it plugged in and humming, and it should be all nice and cold in a couple of hours. Mom's already bought some pieces of ox tail and I've been chewing on it most of this evening, but now it was time for some blogging and a SERIOUS nap.


13 January, 2010

11 January, 2010

We may have a Kindle, but...

We still have books!
Mom had dinner and saw a movie with her dad and sister today and on her way she dropped by and bought most of her books for this semester. A whole backpack full of 'em. So the Kindle might reduce the number of paper books, but it most certainly doesn't eliminate them!

I'm guessing this one is the most interesting of them!

When Mom lifted the duvet to find me this morning I kept hoping she'd just put it back. But she made me go outside to pee. That lady just doesn't have manners at all. Sigh.


Good to be home!

Hyssing is enjoying himself in the big bed! Also it's so chilly Mom's taken one of her duvets down to the couch since our regular blankets aren't warm enough. Mom just realized the radiator might not be intended to heat this place through when it's this cold.. But where would we put another heat source? Oh well.. She's got us 3 little heaters! And it's not really cold in here (by any other standards than Mom's), just really dafty by the window and that's where the couch has to be. So we cover up (as you can see from Hyssing's example) and stay warm!


08 January, 2010


Brr... It's cold... We usually manage to warm up nicely under the covers, though! And the humans put on plenty of clothes when we go out (I've got furs, thankyouverymuch). It's around -20C (that's -4F) outside right now.

This is the inside of the door when we were up by the lake around new years - the lock cylinder got so cold it got all frost covered on the inside! It was nice and warm inside, though. We're heading back up today and Mom's obsessing with covering up the kitties a bit, doesn't want them to freeze. Good thing Virus has grown such a nice coat lately.