30 November, 2008

Fingers crossed!

I realise that by the time most of you wake up in the morning my exam will be over and done with, but I'm asking for some good vibes anyways! ;) Drem sweet biology-dreams or something tonight, huh?

- Ane -

29 November, 2008

Snoring Saturday

Mom is being real boring lately... Apparently it's some important thing coming up this Monday. She's throwing useless drawings like these all over the place...

At least Mom told us that we should be happy we're Mammals as that's why we've got furs. And if we could be mommies we could have made milk. Apparently hoomans are Mammals too - but I think Mom should go complain, then, as her furs are not very good at all.

I hope you're all having a great weekend - enjoying your mammalian furs - and we'll just stay asleep and hope Mom will return to normal soon.


27 November, 2008

Sad News

Yesterday sweet, sweet fosterkittens at Forever Foster was put to sleep due to illness. We're feeling so sorry for Fui and Suey and their family. We have so much respect for those of you out there taking the time and heart ache (and fun and joy and work) it is to foster -but this must be so hard! We tank you for giving these sweeties a good life and lots of love.

We'd like to tell a sweet theory one fellow Whippet World member told us. When those poor, unloved, abused dogs and cats that unfortunately still live in this world die they're not allowed into Heaven right away. They're sent back to a loving home like that of Fui and Suey to experience true love and happiness for a few days or weeks before returning to Heaven. It sure makes me feel better thinking of it that way.

Rest in peace little ones!

Ane, Bajas & Virus
PS: I've stolen your picture! If you don't want it posted here PLEASE let me know and I'll remove it right away.

Remember the blanket?

Well... Mom changed her mind again...
Now it's a kitty bed!
Virus seems to know it's for him!

26 November, 2008

25 November, 2008

Courage to Care!

I don't believe it's an international day or anything, but today in Norway you are asked to have the courage to care! Just take a few minutes out of your busy day to do something for someone you do or do not know. Sometimes it's easier to just go on with your life - but once in a while have to courage to do a little extra!

Pick up the phone and call an older relative you know feel lonely from time to time. Make a batch of cookies and go give them to a neighbour you know have been sick lately. Call a local shelter and ask if they could have use for some of your spoilt cat/dogs excess toys/blankets/collars. Give someone a hug or a compliment. It's not meant to be difficult! Just make someones day a little special (and yours will be, too)!

Hey! Buddy - were you lonely there for a second? Let's play!

Big cyberhugs,
Ane & the furry boys.

24 November, 2008

MomDay Cooking - Caramel Candy!

Okay.. So this isn't anything like dinner.. LOL! I brag about making the best chocolaty caramel candy. They're soft, chewy and soooo good. I gave out the reciepe at this forum I'm at the other day.. And ended up just having to make some for myself. I usually make these for Christmas.

You need:
100g/3,5 ounces butter
130g/5 ounces golden syrup
170g/6 ounces cream (or condenced milk)
170g/6 ounces marsmallows
3,5 ounces 70% chocolate (or another good, dark chocolate if you prefer but a high content of cocoa is best)

Oh my... all that sugar and fat in one picture. LOL!

Put all ingredients except chocolate into a big, wite pot and bring to the boil. Then keep at a simmer for aprox. 35-45 minutes until it's nice and thick and golden brown. It's really important to keep the temperature as low as possible, if they're boiled at a high heat they will become hard instead of soft. Test if it's done by dropping a little of the mixture into a cup of cold water. If you can shape it into a ball, it's done.

Then stir in the chocolate (broken into pieces) and pour it onto a small tray or similar to cool off.When cool it's nice and soft - as you can see - and the easiest way (in my opinion) is using a clean pair of scissors and just cut it into pieces.

The easy way is to use some sandwich paper/waxy paper to wrap them in - the pretty one for gifts is cellophane.

A few years back a friend and I made almost 2,5kgs to give away as Christmas gifts... (Never again.. LOL.. that took forever!) Wrapped in red cellophane and put in transparent cellophane bags with handmade tags it all turned out rather pretty, though.

Thank you everyone for sending purrs and thoughts to my little kitty. He's seemed a little better yesterday, but still had quite a bit of yellow gooey stuff in his eyes this morning. He's happy and playing and eating and that's the most important thing!


22 November, 2008

Virus with a virus?

Would you all please send some healing vibes to my little brudder? He seems to have a bit of a cold or something and has gooey stuff running from his eyes and a stuffy nose. Mom says it shouldn't be anything serious but Mom is working nights. It's never fun leaving us, and especially not when we're not feeling well.

This was taken yesterday, so it's come pretty fast. Here you can see straight into his leetle nose. That's the way we like it, please!


21 November, 2008

Happy Friday!

Mom just heard she passed her English Essay! Yay! It's not actually graded, just pass/fail (generally meaning A, B or C), but if she hadn't passed on her first try (and she wasn't too happy with it) she'd have to re-write it now while cramming for her Biology exam.

20 November, 2008

Weekend of Waiting - part 4

I thought I'd share a few pix from our trip to Bergen.. There's some real pretty scenery when crossing the mountains.

It goes whizzing by! Little kitty asleep in Mom's lap..
Snow and fog..
Almost on the top!
The poor cell phone cam couldn't quite cope with all the white.. But I think it turned out rather pretty!


Remember all the pretty yarn? The greens were for a certain little project.. Wanna see?

I thought so..




Time for some felting!

Now there's the little Grass!

I'm a little weird, I know, but at least I think he's real cute! It's the Grass pattern from Mochimochi! And he won't be a dog nor cat toy.


19 November, 2008

My weekend (in blue)!

Okay, guys! Have you missed me??? I finally got back and after some work on Mom's part (and some snoring on mine) we've finally gotten the pictures from my adventures online! They're all cell phone pictures so the quality isn't too good, but you'll get the picture (tee hee..). PA picked me and Raff up Thursday night. It was nice sleeping in our old chair. Mom let PA have it, because we can't fit in in our tiny studio.

Friday afternoon we headed up to Hamar (by the lake) on the train. The pale blue in the top of the picture is PA's jeans. Then my head. Then his backpack. I was sitting asleep with my head on there. Nice and comfy. I haven't the faintest idea why the humans are laughing.
PS: Khyra and anyone else wondering - I'm not actually in the backpack - I'm sitting on the floor behind it using it to rest my head. But I would of course still fit.. but please don't tell anyone.

I met this guy - Aron - up there. PA's parent live above his flat there and they were dogsitting.

Once I'd shaken Stuffie 18 (the name of my current house stuffie over there) a bit I headed for the couch for some well deserved sleep.

Then I headed to the other end of the couch, got real tired and got some more sleep.

Whatcha mean I do nothing but sleep?

I help PA with his homework and watching movies and everything!!!

And I have some quality time with Stuffie 18, too!

Then we went back to Oslo Sunday night. Mom and PA had real different schedules on Monday, so in the end I didn't come back home until last night. After PA came home from school on Monday and we'd had our walk Raff and I headed for our chair. I gave PA my best puppy eyes but he STILL went for his Kali class.. Can you imagine??? Bah.. But we had great fun most of the time, but I must admit it was nice to come home to Mom and Virus!


18 November, 2008

Weekend of Waiting - part 3

Sunday was the last day of the show. This judge was nice, too, but said I looked a bit too sweet. But Mom said I'm still a kitten, so I shouldn't be ashamed.

Before leaving we said goodbye with Ellie in case we wouldn't see her anymore!

I ran a few extra laps around our room to get rid of excess energy before another day of waiting.

This is Alexia, another one of Auntie Guro's cats - both of them are British Shorthairs! She's got one more British Shorthair - and two Chinese Cresteds at home (one naked and one powder puff).

After the show ended sweet Lena of (N) Pontifex Devon Rex cattery (http://www.pontifexrex.org/indexeng.html) dropped us off at the train station. Where we waited at Burger King and posted the first post about our adventures.
Then we got on the train! Mom took me out of my carrier and put me in her lap under her blanket.
Then a lady with two NOISY Siamese cats arrived.. I wasn't impressed, as I'm sure you can see. Perhaps the judge-lady wouldn't have found me too sweet if she'd seen me then. Anyway.. I was such a good boy all the way home. It's an 7,5 hour train ride, and I slept all the way - Mom did too! We only woke up every hour or so to switch to a more comfy (or just different) position in the seat. Lucky for us we had two seats to ourselves, so we had a little space!

Bajas is returning tonight, and he'll post his pictures tomorrow!


Collar sale!

I'm sure lots of you have allready seen it! The Whippet Waggle's servant, Patience, is having a sale! And a brand new collar blog(pretty impressive for the lady that wouldn't ever have a blog)! You find it here: http://dogwalkerscollars.blogspot.com/! I allready have a few of her GREAT collars around here and can really recommend them. Please drop by and have a look! (I really can't justify getting any, you see, so I need to try to make sure they're all sold real fast.. )


17 November, 2008

Weekend of Waiting- part 2

Okay. Here are some more pictures from this weekend. Mom and I went to a CAT SHOW. I'm sure a lot of our doggie friends would have liked a trip through there.. MOL!

This is "autntie" Tilly on the table with judge-lady Donatella. I met with Donatella on Saturday. She said I was a pretty good looking little boy, I was Ex1 but for best of variety both me and my sissy were beaten by our mom. Oh well.. Just wait untill we're all grown up, purrhaps we'll be able to beat her.
One More of Tilly. Mom think she's a cutie - but I still remember she always slapped me when I was a little kitten.
This is my MOM. Justa. Can you see the resemblance? Allthough they all say my sister Rapunzel is soo much like her and I'm more like our dad.

One more of Justa.
This is my sissy, Rapunzel. You can see she's got a bit more furs than me and looks darker.
Cute, huh?
But, obviously, not as cute as me!
So this is the crate where I spent most of my days while at the show. I got my carrier in there to hide away and sleep and a little toilet and food and some toys.
Here's one auntie Guro took of me and my mom!

And she took this one, too, of me being little parrot boy on Mom's shoulder. We stole these pictures. Mwahahaha...