28 February, 2009

Saturday Doodling

Okay... So i really cannot draw. At all. But Melissa encouraged people to try her blind doodles.. So I decided to give it a go.. I didn't really manage to play by the rules.. I guess I need some practice. I kept lifing my pen from the paper..


Airedale with glasses... LOL!!!

In the end I think I preferred him without colour...

This tree + the Airedale was drawn all in one with eyes closed, though. I do like the removable ears on this guy, though.
I added some ear-colour but this one is pretty much by the rules, and I think it's pretty cute and puggy.

PS: Khyra posted this link about the benefits of doodling. Neat. http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1882127,00.html

27 February, 2009

Happy birthday MOM!

Happy birthday, Mom! We promise to be very good boys today!

Silly Mom!!!
Stinky farts and big kisses,

26 February, 2009

Evil Kitty Training Thursday

Virus is practising his Devon Rex-look - they're supposed to look a little "evil".
Um... You need to work on that face a little, Virus!
He tend to loose the stern look quite soon...
...then he look all cute instead!
See that nice and sincere look?

Now THAT is good acting. I know that kitty is pure evil. At least some of the time!


25 February, 2009

24 February, 2009

Snow dive Tuesday

My mom is pretty cruel...
She sometimes throw me into the deep snow just for the fun of it. (I think it is fun, too, because she does!) Here PA is throwing me in for her so she could take pictures. He might have thrown me a little higher and further than mom would have. But the snow was deep and fluffy and I didn't get hurt or anything in case you got worried.Can you still see me?
Then I have to swim back to shore.. BOL...
Uh... Fencing me in really isn't fair!


23 February, 2009

Snowy Monday

On Saturday Virus ventured outside on his own. (Don't worry - there was either deeeeep snow or proper fencing all the way around so I knew he wouldn't get anywhere or I wouldn't have given him the option)
He was surprisingly brave, allthough there was lots of fascinating-and-scary stuff out there.

Maybe eating the dead flowers was the safest option...
But he also tuched the white stuff with his toesies.. (I tried taking him out again later and he ran straight inside.. LOL)

20 February, 2009

When Virus tried to put the house on fire..

Does Virus know how to play with matches, you say?

No.. His Clumsyness managed to push a book down and into a lamp.. where it was roasted nicely against the light bulb..

This light is only on when Mom is home - took her a while to figure out what was (literally) cooking, though. Gave us quite a fright.. But no harm is done - the book is still good enough to read. ;)

Bajas Firefighter

18 February, 2009

17 February, 2009

Mouse catcher?

mom's been putting up new shelves and stuff and there's been (and still is..) stuff all over the place. See the orange circle in the picture below? The one Virus is sitting on?

Well.. that's a MOUSE pad - so we wondered if purrhaps he was hoping for a little mousey to show up for supper. (What appears to be a computer mouse on the left is Mom's pencil sharpener..)

16 February, 2009

Virus' Valentine..

Muahaha... His only love is the new doormat...


14 February, 2009

I love you guys!

Since today is Valentines Day I just wanted to tell you all how much I love you! Oh.. And most of all sweet cutiepie Annie, of course.. *blushing under black furs*

(You can click to biggify)
Virus and Mom and I enjoy the blogosphere so very much, even though we're a bit absent at the moment. Mom's extra subject seems to absorb a bit of our blogging time, unfortunately. We hope you're all having great days with the people you love!

Pugs'n kisses
Bajas, Virus & Ane

12 February, 2009

A little Thursday Cuteness

Aww... cute kitty!
Notice how much sillier those front feet looks once he turned his head around?
Tee hee...

Bajas (The even cuter one)

11 February, 2009

The unwilling model..

Mom's at it with the knitting again.. she's been freezing and wanted something to keep her neck and stuff warm.. fair enough.. But I WASN'T FREEZING! I promise..

I really don't like her way of sticking ME with the test job on everything.
She even laughed and said this could be the beginning of a sweater for me instead! No way I'll show myself in public with the weirdo leftover yarn from Mom's first blanket attempt.

10 February, 2009

More of the snow-stuff

We're home and happy after our trip. I always love going on the train, because there's so many new people to meet and charm and give kisses. It's been snowing lots this weekend. We know stuff dries even when it's freezing, but it still looks funny having the washing out to dry...
Let's get this snow a little less white, huh?

Apart from my stains there's just the leftovers from the birds eating their seed that speck the white..
My pee-mail is spell-checked and I'm ready to go back in.
Lookie how nice and white.. Well.. Ignore the camera's desire to make it all blue.


06 February, 2009

Have a great weekend!

I'm going to make Mom make up for last weekend and take my up by the lake for some seriously good time! It's mothers day on Sunday so I guess I'll have to behave, too.


04 February, 2009

Real winter

Hi guys! I hope you all had great weekends. Mine was pretty boring - Mom was working so early she had to stay at the hotel overnight so we hardly got to se her at all (We're not Momma's boys or nothing, we just prefer her over other humans). It's been real cold, too.. And today we got more snow! We've just had a bit - and lots of ice.. Now the ice is nicely covered up so we slide all over the place... BOL!
Oh yeah - and we were visiting and fell in love with this one. ;) Perhaps I've shown it to you before either way it's cute.