30 January, 2009

Happy Friday!

We hope you're all having nice and relaxing or fun (or a combination) Fridays! Mom got some good news today. She got her result on the second biology exam. She got a C. It wasn't what she was aiming for when re-taking her exam, but she's thrilled with it since she did so poorly. Thankfully they must have adjusted their expectations a little and raised the grades a bit! Wohooo! Mom will be celebrating at work all weekend... BOL!

Sleepy kisses,

29 January, 2009

Climb, Virus! Climb!

Little, clumsy Virus is starting to get the hang of climbing up into Mom's bed.

See his true personality glowing from his eyes, huh? ;)

Virus: I did it, I did it, I did it!!

But.. erm.. how do I get back down? Miaaaaaow...
He's not gotten the hang of getting down yet. ( He attempted to dive once making Mom rather terrified).. Here he's just attempting to climb it from the wrong side..

Then he turned over one step and tried to go down the other side.. BOL.. Weird little one!

Hope you're all doing great.


27 January, 2009

Midsomer Murders

First of all - we really just posted the pictures for fun. They're from when Mom and I return for a walk and Virus is all excited inside. But once the door opens he's scared and run away so he never attempt to go outside.

You might remember I told you about us watching a lot of Midsomer Murders over Christmas....

It's about this guy - Chief Inspector Barnaby. PA got the first 3 seasons and then he went out and bought 4-7 so they're still watching the stuff over the weekends... (Apparently they don't get bored with British country folks killing each other off... BOL)

Virus think he's got a great view from the tv - plus they all seem to be watching him!

But once he discovered I got all the cuddles he came and joined us all on the couch. ;)


26 January, 2009


Now is this even legal???



22 January, 2009

Bajas explains

I used to have an illustrated glossary on my old website.. I thought I'd post some of it here, to enlighten you all.

Stuffie:Object stuffed (hence the name) with delicious, white fluff. Used for chewing, cuddling or destroying. (Or a combination of the three)

Someone acting weird. Like my Mom pretending I actually did this.

Torture instrument invented by and frequently used by humans. Avoid at all costs! (Sad expression obligatory when forced into one.)

Double bed.

One bed on top of another bed. Extra comfy!

I hope you all learnt a thing or two.

21 January, 2009

A little more grammar..

Hi guys!

I got a couple of questions about whether I was studying British or American grammar. They're quite firm around here on that there's ONE language. We're studying English. Period. There are a few, but not many, differences between the American and the British version and when we get to them they'll show both and we're free to choose. We should, of course, try to be consistent. I'll probably stick with American grammar when I have to choose as my oral English is pretty Canadian and I'm likely to choose American when we get to the oral part. Better try to get my act together and stick with one variety...

I had a year or two of British English before moving to Canada as a kid, then 6 months or so there and then back here. I've always been very easily affected by language and dialects and have a hard time not "copying" whoever I'm speaking to (not completely, of course, but to some degree). Seems like I got a lot of pronounciation from when in Québec, and when in Canada and talking to Canadians they tend to ask why I moved to Norway. (Guess who gets really proud.. LOL!). I usually say my English is a bit "morphy" - I tend to adapt a little to the person I'm talking to (at least if they're fluent) and that's one big reason to try to get a bit more concistent...

Oh.. And thanks for compliments on my grammar.. This is a whole lot more difficult than just writing, though.. Phonemes and morphemes and sentences concisting of words I have no idea what means.. And this book is written by Norwegians for learners of English.. LOL! I actually gave up yesterday. Hopefully todays lecture will clarify a bit for me. But mostly I'm probably have to start cramming rather than waiting to "understand". It's just rules, really, isn't it. Not so much understanding in the ususal sense of the word..

Now there's one boring post for you... Oh well.. Off to my lecture! Here's at least a picture of cute pug feet to ease your suffering!

20 January, 2009

English Grammar

One of Mom's courses this semester is English Grammar. She's chosen it all by herself - well - it's one of her obligatory courses, but she's not due to have it for another year or so. But since she's having two different kinds of topics for major/minor she's at risk of having courses (or exam dates) collide and wanted to be a bit ahead.

Mom is getting a leeetle bit cross-eyed reading the grammar. She does not seem to be very happy at all. I'm sleeping my deepest sleep, making little sleepy squeeky noises (the humans totally love them! Gets you extra kisses for sure!) showing her how much she could enjoy herself if she'd just put that stupid book down.

Do you feel sneeepy? Mom sure does! I'm sure I'll make her put that book away soon!


19 January, 2009


I am a firm believer in support - especially support of your chin while resting. It's important both when you're sitting, lying down - or something in between.
I take my rest very seriously.
Some (less intelligent) humans will sometimes find this amusing. It's merely their lack of understanding, so I just ignore them.
Like I said.. They're of a lesser race, but they do make great pets so I love my humans anyways.

Sleepy kisses,

18 January, 2009

Sleepy, Snowy Sunday

It's Sunday. It's Snowing. Mom is at work.. Oh, how boring..
An annoying little brudder don't really help much, either..

Finally! I'd much rather he finish off one of Mom's plants than bugging me!

I'm so glad Mom got this woolly blanket for Christmas! It's so nice and warm. She said she'd like a black or gray wool blanket - and she got a gray AND black blanket - with red edges (her favourite colour). I don't think you can do better than that.. BOL.. And I love it, too!
Hope you all have great Sundays!
Sleepy kisses,

16 January, 2009

Sleepyheads - part II

So.. More sleepypix. We're just so darn cute when we're sleeping. Plus we've been practicing real hard our syncronized sleeping skills!
A bit uneven...
Better.. better...

Now this might be a new move (or lack of)!

Looking pretty good, huh? It takes lots of training, but we're getting there!


14 January, 2009


So... What have we been doing while we've been (more or less) absent?

...and sleeping...
..and sleeping. Notice this is a prime spot! Between Mom's legs while watching TV! Mom got PA three collections of "Midsomer Murders" for Christmas - so they watched them all (and then went out to buy some more..)
Bajas asleep.. So peaceful...
Well.. For a little while, that is!


13 January, 2009

You're the BEST!

YAY! Mom got into the biology class. She doesn't yet know what "problem based learning" group and laboratory group she's in yet, but she's IN!

So we're celebrating with one silly pug face and some pretty but terribly blurry scenery shots. (The first one are taken in the morning these ones at night.. Mom needs a tripod...)

There's the moon. See?

Hope you all have G R E A T Tuesdays!

Big, wet kisses,

12 January, 2009

Some Christmas pix

Here are som scenerypix etcetera from when we got up by the lake.

The lake hardly never freezes over, no matter how cold it is. Since the water is warmer than the air you get all the fog.

Do you agree with Mom and me - these stones with algae on look like the top of the heads of some older men who's loosing their hair. BOL! (The water is much higher in summer than in winter, so we're actually walking on the bottom of the lake.)
Pugger on the move!

PS: Mom say thanks for all your kind words! She's sendt a few e-mails and despite being number 21 on the waiting list she still have a chance. Keep those paws crossed!


Good vibes, please!

Hi guys!

The Mom here. Thanks for all encouraging comments on my exam (however there's no chance that I did well.. All we can hope for is that all did rather poorly and that they decide to adjust the grades). Right now I'm having another issue, however.. Because I choose to have English (minor) and Biology (major) rather than sticking to subjects from the same faculty I'm not first priority when assigning subjects. I didn't know that this could be an issue - it was never mentioned before I chose my subjects - and right now I discovered that I'm on a waiting list for my biology subject this spring. Number 21 to be exact. I'd decided to take extra classes this term, so even if it's not worked out I'll have enough classes. But I'm majorly shy and I KNOW people that take the recomended combinations and will be having this subject.. It would be so much more fun to have one class this semester where I actually know someone. ;) Hopefully I'll be able to work it out tomorrow. The first lecture is obligatory even if you're on the waiting list, and I hope that I'll be able to talk to someone after and get some ideas on things I could do. But please send some good vibes our way, huh? Once stress eases I'll let Bajas get back to blogging as ususal. I promise!


08 January, 2009



PS: Mom made one lusy choice apparently. Today's exam was a whole lot more difficult than the last one. Oh well.. She's not too mad actually! She knows more today than she did last time and if the grade turns out real lousy she'll just do it over in a year.