30 September, 2009

Not too wordless Wednesday

Today Mom's got a big phonemics test. She's not quite prepared and panicking. She'll get a second chance if she doesn't pass at this try, though! She's found nothing about what level she needs to be to pass and so is unable to say if she's good enough. Oh, well.

We're busy helping and are out of sensible and interesting things to say - instead we recommend dropping by Patience and the Warburton Waggle and celebrate their blogoversary. http://patience-please.blogspot.com/ She's put up links to quite a few of our favourite stories, and I'm sure you'll find something fun to read there. Plus the picture of "surprised Patience sees nekkid neighbour" is priceless.

Oh.. And I've got a piece of ox tail so I'll be busy all night. Yum!


29 September, 2009

Tuesday Tips..

The "How not to pose for pictures"-edition..

No tickling stuff in your nose!

Jumping onto the back-drop might not be a good idea...

Sneezing can also cause funky expressions...

Also make sure modelling doesn't get to your head and diet to the point of invisibility!


28 September, 2009

Here it is! You know you want it...

Your new dose of Monday cuteness!

Looks like they're a rather active bunch!

Poirot, Pia, Pralinë and Pjotr.

Let me hear you all say "Awwww..."!

... and more "Awww..."

All pix are, as always, (C) Lene Aklestad

Monday Meaows,

27 September, 2009

Relaxing Sunday

Today we're just relaxing! Mom is gonna read a little, and we're going to help. Now isn't this the most inspiring face you've ever seen?

Happy wags and kisses,

25 September, 2009

Finally Friday!

Happy Friday, guys!
It's been a furry busy week for Mom and she's hoping to stay on the couch indefinitely.. BOL! Here are a few shots of Virus enjoying the sunshine.


24 September, 2009

Meerkat Thursday

Hahahahaha... Virus looks like a meerkat that's fallen on his back.


23 September, 2009

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Mom got new cookie cutters at IKEA! Aren't they cute?

PeeEss: Did you know cookie cutters are great if you're throwing a kids party? Use them to make fun shapes of pizza, brownies, sandwiches etc. (Obviously this also works well for childish adults like Mom)

Oh - and as some of you mentioned of course they can be used for dog bisquits as well. The squirrelie would be good for making treats for the Waggle we suppose. But Mom prefers us to eat grain free as much as possible and to have raw meaty bones or other yummies as treats. We're not gonna argue ;)

22 September, 2009


Hi guys!

I'm HOME! The ground is still having trouble staying in one place, but is apparently improving. In the end they only took one of my toofies as the rest seemed fine and so we're all happy with that. I've got painkillers and antibiotics this time, too.

I got a lamb heart when I got home and since then I've spent most of my time with BamBam. Now I might watch NCIS with Mom, some couch time couldn't hurt I suppose.

Thanks for all your well wishes! Mom was very happy to have me home after almost 12 hours! Now there's a seriously long vet visit. I also peed all over the waiting room when they brought me out. Mom thought they deserved to wash the floor if they didn't walk me for 11 hours! I was still a bit groggy from the drugs and didn't have complete control. Can't blame a guy for that accident!

Big kisses

Another Toothday

Hi guys! Virus here. We've been to visit the Vet man today. Bajas totally adores him, I'm not as certain. Can you believe he stuck me with a needle? I'm quite sure that's not polite. At least Bajas doesn't seem to like me much when I stick all my "needles" into him!?

Then we went home - but Bajas was so excited so he stayed behind! Then Mom told me that they're taking out the last of his potentially bad toofies. The vet said this kind of problems in teeth are painful to 8 of 10 hoomans so they might not bother him, but we're taking them out just in case.

His teeth are hard to spot in the first place - I'm sure he won't miss them.

I hope he's back soon, it's a bit boring here without anyone to annoy.


21 September, 2009

Time for some more Monday Cuteness!

Now here's our contribution to a good Monday! Pix of the kittens at 7 weeks!
All pix are (C) Lene Aklestad

(N) Mega Miaow's Poirot

(N) Mega Miaow's Pia

(N) Mega Miaow's Pralinë

(N) Mega Miaow's Pjotr

Have a great week, efurryone!

The proud papa,

20 September, 2009

Snacking Sunday

It's lamb season. Mom isn't all too fond of lamb/mutton - she HATES the smell of the fat. She assured me she'd rather smell my poop (thehehee) than lamb fats. She says is sticks to her hands and she have to smell it for ages. She makes two exeptions, though. She loves proper sheperds pie (if you don't use lamb it's called cottage pie) and spicy lamb meatballs. Today she's making sheperds pie. That's not really what this post is about, though. They also had lamb hearts at the store and guess who she got them for?

Move it, hooman!

The tiny piece is for Virus and the big one for ME.

Nomnomnom... (Now doesn't Virus have a great view.. hehe)


Now I hope you all are envious! The best part is she's bought some more that are just waiting in the fridge.


19 September, 2009

Sunny Saturday 2

We can't expect this tradition to continue - but we're having another lovely, sunny Saturday! And guess what? Mom took me for a trip downtown! It's Norwegian Science Week and grandpa was sitting on one of the stands! How fun is that?

Of course Mom ended up taking pix of boring flowers and stuff, too!

...and the fountain!

NOW we're talking!

Okay.. Now I've posed! Can we continue?

Loads of interesting pee-mails to read!

I'm ready to learn!

These people were running a calculator on lemons!?!?!

Hmm... Snail.. That means grandpa must be near!

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!!!!!!!

He's made nice little houses for the snails, don't you think? And he put a bunch of snail eggs in an egg glass. Grandpa is funny. Tee hee...

This is the sort of snail you get if you eat'em in restaurants. :)

And this is a read forest snail. That's just translating its name to English, so it might have a different name in English!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I sure enjoyed my trip! I also met another PUG! He was a bit old and standoffish. But I was happy anyways.

BIG kisses,