31 January, 2011

Seedy... Monday?

This was going to be a "Seedy Sunday" post, but a weekend at work got me a little delayed.. But:

Yahoo! My first seed packs arrived today. These arrived from a site in Sweden - Rara Växter.

Bonus seeds - a frilly sort of poppy, Papaver laciniatum "Venus".I'm not very into double/frilly flowers, but these are actually rather cute.

So to the stuff I've actually ordered - 3 kinds of chilis and some cherry tomatoes.

These are "Filius Blue"
"Napalese Bells"
"Lemon Drops"
I might not manage to grow (all) the chilis, but it's fun to try something a little different. And if I do manage they're pretty cool looking. I'll also be growing/trying to grow jalapenos.

So to the tomatoes - these are called "Houndreds and Thousands" and have popped up in several kinds of taste tests and have been mentioned as favorites on several blogs and websites I've visited, so why not try them?!
My order from the Real Seed Catalogue have arrived, too, but I haven't been down at the post office to pick them up yet. They only use insured registred post, so I have to go down to the post office to sign for it.

So.. now I'm dreaming of a mini greenhouse with lighting to give me a chance to actually get some live plants this summer. My birthday is coming up, so perhaps I can wish for donations for one of these. Might work well to grow micro greens and keep herbs alive in winter, too!

The boys, on the other hand, prefer to sleep. They might actually change their mind once they have a yard of their own, though!


28 January, 2011

Friday Funnies..

Oh, the things I have had to put up with.. This is from my younger days..

Hope that made you smile. Have a great weekend everyone!
Kisses - B!

26 January, 2011

Mango Minster 2011

Okay.. We're a bit late this year (you know.. Mom's being all silly and useless) so there's no room for Bajas to enter, but we do have kitteh's in the house so that's okay. Hyssy did so well in Mango Minster last year, so we decided to let Virus have the honor this year.


  1. When your human calls your name do you feign interest or outright ignore them?
    Do you mean to say I'm supposed to come when called rather than have Mom come help me when I call?
  2. Do you meditate at least 20 hours each day?
    Sleeping.. uh.. meditating, eating and and hour or so of running after my son is what I spend my days doing.
  3. A moth is in the house. Do you kill and consume it or toy with the hapless thing until it is wounded and flapping and leave it for your human to you thin ice?
    Uhm.. Well.. I try my best to catch it and eat it, but they are too fast for me.. At least the mosquitoes and flies we usually get.
  4. Do you ignore expensive gifts from your pals in favor of a Q-tip discovered on the wet room floor?
    Gifts? All things are mine. If I had it first - it's mine, if I saw it - it's mine, if I want it - it's mine.. and so on..
  5. Do you speak in tongues before hacking up a furball?
    No. I've grown some quite impressive furs lately, but they're still not quite furball material.
  6. At 8PM are you likely to be found counter surfing or pretending to be a lap cat in the hope of getting foodables?
    I'll probably be asleep on the bathroom floor (heated tiles, you know)..
  7. Do you bury your poop and / or build a mountain atop which to carefully place a poopy Stoned Hinged sculpture?
    My poop is very small (raw fed, you know) and my toilet only has wood pellets and not sand, but I do my very best to make a little tower!


25 January, 2011

Feeling chilly?

Please ignore the horrible quality of these pictures. They're taken with the phone in poor light. Mom made the kitties sweaters for travelling in winter. You'd think they haven't survived travelling before. BOL!


No pictures of the finished green one, but here's the very beginning of it. She used up some leftover yarn, which was useful. (Let's just say there's plenty more where it came from.)

She also made super simple double fleece covers for their crates to keep out the cold wind.

Then she just stick them on a little trolley(? or whatever should we call it?), which initially is a shopping bag on wheels (from IKEA) and Mom just remove the bag and stick the crates on it instead. Quite handy!

Then we just head out, take a bus downtown and jump on a train to wherever we are going. It's quite easy when you're used to it. But we'll be honest and say that buying a car again (we have to when we move) will make for some easier trips now and then.

I'm down there, too! I love the train and busses and such - lots of people to love on me. I hope we won't use the car more than we have to!

So - do you think the kitties will stay warm all winter, even when we travel? BOL!


PeeEss: thanks for the gardening/seed site tips - please keep'em coming if you have any more. Mom have already ordered some seed. And by some I mean many. She'll very likely to get in over her head. At least she have her plant physiology and many years at home with kitchen gardens to lean on. I'm not expecting much, though. Still hoping we'll grow meatables, too.

23 January, 2011


We got some shelves up in our residence by the lake a few months back. This time Virus discovered this one. If mom or PA is sitting on the couch underneath he'll jump onto their shoulders and then onto this shelf. He's also attempted to jump up on his own.. And... Well.. Let's just say it's a shame we haven't been able to get a video of it yet.


21 January, 2011

Traveling pug

We are taking a little weekend trip. I have to say I love to travel on public transport - so many nice people to meet. I'm not too fond of the escalators, though. I don't mind being carried normally, but combined with going up and down stairs... Well... Knowing my clumsy humans... I don't want to go tumbling down to the bottom.
I met a lovely girl on the subway. She sat down on the floor to love on me and some of the surprised looks from the other passengers made mom laugh. BOL!
Have a great weekend everyone.
Kisses, Bajas

19 January, 2011


Mom is working on getting our new computer up and running. I help. I'm furry helpful, actually.

Also - since we'll try growing some vegetables (and I certainly hope meatables, too) and such this summer... if you and your humans grow stuff and know good websites for seeds or tips we'd love recommendations.

Kisses, Bajas

17 January, 2011

We're back (with exciting news)!

Hi guys! We didn't intend to start 2011 by being absent from the Blogosphere.. but there's been exciting things going on and we didn't want to say anything until we knew it was for real. And we didn't seem able to think about anything else, so..well.. The major thing is that we're back.

So - to the exciting news. We are moving! We won't move for a while yet, though.. But come June we'll have much more space to wriggle our butts!

This old farmhouse will be our new home.

Looks like Mom will have plenty of space for a veggie patch now. BOL! And there will (eventually) be a nice cat run so the kitties can go outside to smell the flowers and such.
Behind the barn there are nice forests for me and Mom to explore.
You'll get to see pix from inside later - it's not a very pretty sight yet. Imagine yellow pine and old fashioned brown/green floral print wallpapers... There's even carpet on the floors of the dining room and living room - but those will vanish before we place our paws there.

Kisses, Bajas.

02 January, 2011

We begin 2011 with pretty winter pix!

We'll tell you (and show you) more from our holiday later, but here are some pix of how beautiful winter can be. Oh.. and me, of course.


This is our buoy - the one we use to moor the boat.. How strange to be able to walk up to it!

But I can do more than that! Hahahahah...

Devon Rex clouds? BOL!

Don't these ice blobs look like Schmoos?