29 December, 2007

Going away!

So, friends, we won't be online again until the year called 2008 so we'll just wish you


righ away!

Mom is promising us it's going to be snow where we're going! Yay! All we've got is mud. But mom's got a bit of a cold, fever and all, so we might not be having too much outdoor fun. We're still going on a road trip and visiting and we hear rumours of turkey for new years. We hope they can't manage the entire thing so there's yummies for us, too!

Happy and excited,
the WriggleButts

The only child for a day!

Hi guys!
I had the best day ever today! Mom and Auntie were going to Grandpa's place for dinner today and we weren't going. Mom crated Nimbus and Coco and went to find me and I told her I'd like to go along. And they said.. Well.. Uh.. You want to come along? Well.. Guess that wouldn't be a problem - and they took me along! Hah!

First we drove to Moss (aprox 30min) and then we caught the ferry across to Horten where Grandpa lives. At the ferry they have a room for people travelling with doggies or kitties who don't keep them in the car (we didn't bring the car, because Grandpa's place is just a short walk from where the ferry docks). There were three other doggies and their humans in there. One grumpy old lady who had been rescued at the streets of some city in Spain at aprox. 6months of age, an American Cocker (rather grumpy older lady, too) and a tiny apricot poodle puppy. The puppy was 12weeks old and rather cute and liked me lots, allthoug he (understandably) found me a bit big and macho and intimidating - but we sniffed and played a bit and the humans all thought I was SOO cute.

At Grandpa's place our uncle, Tara the Airedale was too. She's really grumpy, but she didn't mind me too much today, actually. I got to eat some table scraps...
And the leftovers from Mommies dessert. Yum!
I didn't get any dinner there, as we'd all get fed once we came back. While uncle ate her dinner I got a pig's tail. Mom made me sit and stay before I got it. I'm a pretty good boy, huh?????

After finishing that poor pig's tail I found the center spot between the humans and looked my very cutest for maximum attention. (And mom gave me one wedge from her clemetine(sp?))

Very happy (and home and well fed),
Bajas the TravelButt

25 December, 2007

Food, pressies and poop on the carpet!

So Christmas Eve is over for now. Mom's been working a lot this Christmas, but she got to be home for the important stuff. We were at Grandma's and that's very convenient because all we have to do is go upstairs!

We always have reindeer roast for Christmas. Yes - some people find it a bit bizarre to have Rudolp for dinner on CHRISTMAS. We promise we let him deliver the pressies first. It's not very common for Christmas dinner in Norway, at least not apart from up north where the Sami live with their reindeer.
Then the yummy, yummy "riskrem" (literally meaning rice cream) for dessert.
Nothing left for us. Nothing! Can you believe it?
What? I'm not ALLOWED up on the table? But I'm the talles of us, who else is able to get the yummies for us? Huh? (That's Mom's band aid on the table.. I tried to eat that too, but she didn't even give me that. Bah.. Humbug..)
My auntie blow me on the nose! I just love - love - LOVE that so much. Then Grandma got mad at me for attempting to get onto the table again.. Sigh.. Humans..

Then we opened pressies and went to bed. Mom had to go to work like really, really early on Christmas Day (she had to be at work at 6.30am) so she went to bed earlier than most kids last night and so did we. She was rather boring, actually, and said she could open all dog-presents later because she didn't want to give us anything edible then. Can you believe it? Christmas.. not much fun.. (Apart from all humans on the floor so we could kiss and cuddle and step all over them making sure their nice clothes got plenty of hair in them!)

Hope you all have a ggggggreat day today!

Haha.. Sorry... We almost forgot. Nimbus pooped on the carpet during dinner. Now there's a classy move. Grandma was grateful he chose the one carpet she hadn't washed specifically for Christmas. Mom seemed slightly annoyed. Can't see the problem - it's not like he hasn't done it before!

23 December, 2007

Yellow snow for Christmas!

We've got snow! It's dark outside, so mom couldn't get any nice pictures of it, so we thought you'd like to enjoy our pretty selves from past winters. We haven't got as much snow as in these pictures, just a couple of centimeters - but with the nicely frosted trees and stuff it's pretty much white all over now.

This means we can make yellow snow for Mom for Christmas! We're sure she'll be thrilled! :D We've started our Christmas Decorating tonight and will continue tomorrow. As you might know not all that celebrate Christmas celebrate on the 25th. Here in Norway for instance, we celebrate on Christmas Eve, so our big pressie-day is tomorrow! Yay!

December 23rd is generally the day used for decorating the tree and the house for Christmas. We'd usually be eating rice porridge tonight (to have leftovers for dessert tomorrow - rice porridge and vanilla mixed with whipped cream and served with raspberry sauce. YUMMY!) before decorating the tree, but mom is going to work tonight so our Christmas is a bit weird this year.

21 December, 2007

Evil Mom

No need for words, really...

Deeply insulted and upset,
the WriggleButts

20 December, 2007

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

We haven't really had any snow yet this winter. With Christmas fast aproaching that's usually rather sad, but lately we've been having plenty of nice, white frost all over to brighten our dark, Norwegian winter. We took the camera with on our walk today and here are a few shots we'd like to share with you all!
We're on the lookout!
Do i REALLY have to pose for pictures, Mom?

Who need snow when we've got this frost?

I have to wear my coat, because it's rather cold out!
Bajas at full speed!
Pretty, pretty!

We don't envy the Christmas Tree-salesmen.. They must be freezing, even though they're wearing nice, warming coats! We're pretty sure they're rather happy the big day is soon!

Warm couch-wriggles,
Bajas, Coco & Nimbus

19 December, 2007

Coco the Birthday Girl!

Happy NINTH birthday, Coco!

Sweet cuddlebug
Here at age 5
Tongue extraordinaire!
Shaking her heart tag last summer.
Just looking plain cute!

I can't believe you've already been here with me and your son for over 4 years! Time flies by and you don't look any older - or act any older at all.
I promise to get you something special for later, sweetie!

Hugs, Mom!

16 December, 2007

All alone!

Hi everydoggie, hammie and human alike!
Shortly after we got home from our walkies today, someone knocked on the door. It was our neighbour girl Kaja and a friend wanting to take a pug or two out for a walk. I, being a sighthound after all, am not allowed to go out with the girls all alone.

The stupid, well behaved pugs are, however. With Bajas and Coco out of the way I had Mom, the couch, the rawhide and the blanket all to MYSELF! Muahahahaha... I gnawed and gnawed the rawhide and then I cuddled with Mom.
Then later, after the puggies came back inside Auntie Anna turned up and I got to go for a second walk too. Mom brought Bajas, Coco didn't want to go outside in the cold anymore. Two walkies was sufficient, so she stayed at home all alone.

I've had like the bestest Sunday in ages! Hope you've all had great weekends too!

Smooches, Nimbus

13 December, 2007

Relaxation tips!

It's time to relax and enjoy the time you have between the hustle and bustle and Christmas preparations. Here are a few of our tips for a relaxing December. Anything is softer than the floor. Even an empty envelope! Coco

Make Mom put on your jammies and relax on the couch with something yummy and a good movie! Nimbus

Take a nap! Bajas

Make your silliest faces to make your friends and family laugh! Nimbus

Bake! It's fun and then you can eat the yummy result later! Bajas

Get out your rubber duckie and take a nice, hot, relaxing bath! Coco

12 December, 2007


Sending our very best smiles to you all, wishing you a terrific Wednesday!

11 December, 2007

Lazy day...

This is pretty much what we've been up to today. Not much to blog about, perhaps. Lucky for us we're so cute that we're sure you'll enjoy this anyways. We're not very modest, perhaps, but you can handle it!
Whatcha looking at, really?
Auntie Anna came by for dinner and an episode of Carnivale. That includes cuddles and playtime and a walk too! Goody!

Kisses! She's our bestest Auntie!

09 December, 2007

Getting the season spirit (well.. mom is..)

We're slowly getting into the season spirit.. Well.. Rigth now we'll say it's just mom. She's been pretty mean, don't you think? But we decided you might all need a bit of a laugh!

the HatButts