30 March, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Sunny

Purrs, Virus.

25 March, 2011

Flowering Friday

The chilies are flowering! So far only flowers on the Filius Blues are open, but the Jalapenos have flower buds.



Happy Friday, everyone!

23 March, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

22 March, 2011


Can I have some kisses please? Or at least a little steak?


20 March, 2011

Sunny Sunday

It's lovely and sunny today. The kitties and I enjoy it a lot. We even showed it to our baby onions.
The kitties love the smell, for some reason!


19 March, 2011

Silly Saturday


So can you see what this is? We think it looks like a snail's head. But it's really a stalk of lemongrass Mom got at the store and stuck in some water to root. Apparently it's much quicker than growing from seeds. And it was - just over a week after it was stuck in some water these little roots were visible. But since we already had seeds we've stuck this one in a large pot and sown seeds around it. Time will show if the seedlings will seem to catch up or not.

Also - we think it's a surprisingly good photo, it's taken with the phone (as usually, lately).

18 March, 2011

Foodie Friday

Not sure if the pictures will show up in the right order, as I'm e-mailing this. Today we actually ate some of our oriental greens for dinner. It was very tasty, according to the humans. I only lasted the chicken.


12 March, 2011

So - are you watching?

If you didn't know this long weekend is Crufts! Mom says she'll go and see it all for herself one day - but for now we watch it online. Not that Mom is awake most of the time, but every now and then we pop by here:


It's free to watch live, but cost you money if you want to watch taped events you've missed. Soon there'll be agilities on. Mom's making a late breakfast, and then we'll watch it.


11 March, 2011

Friday Funnies

Hellooo? Anyone out there?

10 March, 2011


Hello. I'm Virus, the SuperNurse. I'll sit here until Mom is all better. I also do my very best to prevent her from sleeping.
Purrs, Virus

09 March, 2011

Walking Wednesday and a Garden Tour

I took the sick lady out for a walk in the snow today. Well.. I do it at least 3 times a day, but this time we took the phone with us to show you.

Notice my little sneezing issue there for a while.. had Mom giggling.

Also. Mom was going to take some pix of her vegetables, but the video function was still on - so we're taking you on a guided tour. Well.. If you bother pressing play, that is.

The fan is on, so that's why it's a little windy. The blurry, tiny green dots she's trying to show you underneath the primrose's leaf are tiny baby (wild) strawberry plants. She managed to kill a few strawberry and wild strawberry seedlings bc she's not been watering enough (the fan dries out the surface, and these seedlings are tiny). That's why that mini greenhouse is in there, too. Some of the strawberry babies are in there for safe keeping. Haha..

Mom is perhaps feeling a little better tonight. We believe the ear drum broke yesterday (at least she had gooey stuff coming out of her ear) and that got some of the pressure off, but then she got more of a fever which continued until today. She took pain killers which also lowered the fever earlier today, but by our calculations those should wear off about now. So either it's not kicked back in yet or she's a little better. Time will tell. BOL!


07 March, 2011

So what does the sick biologists say..

...when the doctor tells her she's got a nasty ear infection and prescribes penicillin?

Yeah.. you got it! Mom went to see the dogtor and is getting penicillin for the infection and painkillers to help her sleep. So what was her immediate thought after this information? "Oh.. I can't wait for the penicillin to inhibit the bacteria's cell wall construction." Now there's a geek for you!

Since we haven't taken any new pix today, here are a couple from the greenhouse
A few flowers to remind us it's technically spring. The daffodils have opened today, we'll get some pix later.

Here's the sallad blowing in the breeze - we stuck the blue plant marker in there not to remember it's sallad but to have something to use to show how it's growing.
Hopefully the penicillin will mess up those bacterial cell walls and we'll be back to our normal schedule soon.


06 March, 2011

Snuggly Saturday

Hi guys! We have just been relaxing and snuggling today. Now Mom's ear is keeping her up (have you ever heard as much complaining?) so I convinced her to post these now while waiting to see if the painkillers will help.

Kisses, Bajas

04 March, 2011

Car, thieves and a road trip

I've finally got to try out my new car. Well.. PA claims it's HIS, but I know better. He keeps saying we look alike, the car and I, that our faces are similar. I think it's more about how we're both black and shiny. Either way, we took a trip out to the new house and Mom and PA signed papers and stuff and had a look at how they are fixing it up.

What is really annoying is that someone broke into the new car and stole the summer tires they were supposed to take out to the new house to store them there earlier this week. So today it got new glass in the two windows that were broken. PA's got a buddy who's a policeman and work with forensics, so they had the car dusted for prints, took blood samples from the broken glass and so on. But we're not expecting anything to happen, it's such a minor case it will certainly not be investigated. It was a good way to get rid of some frustration, though!

Oh - and here's a bad photo of the car Mom took when they were out on the test drive before buying it.

We're not doing much this weekend. Mom is still sick, but hopefully it'll turn around this weekend. It's been just over a week now, so it's about time to get better.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Bajas aka the Suzuki

02 March, 2011

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

We really wanted to share this slideshow. They are from the first ever AKC Coursing Ability Test and you should be able to see quite a few breeds you know! Fun to see how many doggies can enjoy chasing the lure.

The pictures are by whippet owner/breeder and photographer extraordinaire Julie Poole (http://www.JuliePoole.com http://www.aperturewhippets.com). We'd LOVE to have her take our portraits, but she's so far away..