31 August, 2008


I tried to post these yesterday, but blogger kept being stupid.. Virus is still getting bolder and now he think we can SHARE BamBam... BOL! I'm not overly posessive, so as long as he let me have the main parts of him I don't really mind..

Mom is doing laundry today and is sorting the dirty clothes all over the bathroom floor so now we're going to go "help" her run them all over the place and then we'll go visit blogs later!


29 August, 2008

Sleepy Friday

Hi friends!

I'm sorry I did not post or visit anybody yesterday but Mom was real tired so I had to spend my time with her on the coach once she got home. She's managed to accept an offer to do the vocals for the company band. It's not very serious stuff, but the place she works turn 10yrs this year and they're having a big party this fall where they're performing so there's a bit of practice ahead of that..

So today we're just going to r e l a x. And we wish you all a very relaxing weekend.

Virus is already sleeping in style!
Here's another one of my weird sleeping position the other day..
What I really like about Virus is that he like to rest his head on something while sleeping - just like me!
Me asleep on Mom's bedside table a while ago.. (she woke up and found me snoring up there.. BOL!)


27 August, 2008

Car trouble..

First of all we want to say THANK YOU to those of you who have told us about your area after our request yesterday! Please keep them coming!

Poor Mom is a bit distracted, the car decided it wouldn't start.. And it's always started perfectly and now that it was time to sell it as we don't need a car it had to get sick.. Just our luck.. Right now she's waiting for the car resque people and please keep your fingers and paws crossed it do not turn out too expensive..

Here's a sight that made her in a better mood, though! Doesn't Virus look like he'll grow up to be a macho man? BOL!


26 August, 2008

We WON something!¨+ request

We are the proud winners of the cool POOP CANDLE from Patience and the Waggle!

(P - if we're not allowed to steal your poo picture, please let me know!)

I also have a request... One of Mom's subjects this semester is American culture and part of what they're going through is geograpy, the states/mountains/rivers etcetera.. Sooo.. I thought if those of you living in the US would bother to tell a bit about your region Mom would be able to learn something (while reading blogs rather than studying) and having some more connections to the various places.

For instance - Mom's only knowledge of Kentucky is that it contains the city of Paducah(with an artist relocation programme), nine wonderful whippets and a brillient writer. ;)

The little curlie have been approaching me more lately - he's even come up to me and pawed my legs a couple of times.. Maybe he want to play..

Kisses, Bajas!

25 August, 2008


Ok.. So Mom actually filled the little white bed with sand, and Virus is using it as a toilet! Well.. I just had to test if the bed was any comfier with sand in it.. it's a bit better, actually..

So now Mom was complaining she had a PUG getting sand all over the house, rather than a cat.. BOL..
Then I did some relaxing on the couch, but she seems to find that amusing, too, just because my position was a bit unique.
The little one was sleeping on the useless climbing thing.. That, on the other hand, was apparently only cute..


24 August, 2008

In Mom's purse..

So.. My very favourite Lorenza asked what was in my Mom's hand bag, so of course I had to go check. She's got a rather large collection of them, though, so I chose the one she used last.A small purse (most of her large ones were rather well used and thrown away when we moved and she's not replaced any of them yet. Good Mom.)
Wallet with planner, tissues, pain killers, phone and keys.. Rather few and boring things, really... So I thought I'd do her backpack too, as that's what she uses most days for school...

Anyone notice the colour red tend to come up rather often among Mom's stuff? BOL...So here's more stuff, that's for sure.. Plastic spoons (she'll bring hot soup on a thermos for school), cherry chapstix, water bottle, the lousy little camera, gum, umprella, note pad, note book, student planner, mp3player and pencil case(opening that thing would require a post of its own.. it's crowded in there!).

Here's a close up of the little blue guy who's responsible of keeping the mp3player wire untangled!

Virus is getting cheekier by the minute.. he actually stood underneath my belly when I was eating my breakfast! Oh - and he IS tiny.. Maybe we should do a measuring thing with him.. BOL..


23 August, 2008

We have contact!

So.. Here's another post with plenty of Virus pictures.. I assure you I won't let his tiny, fluffy butt take my place around here, but he's been our main source of entertainment today!

He's pretty cute when he's sleeping, huh? To those of you who think he's got no furs that's not really true. He's got a very short, but super soft coat that's sort of like supersoft suede.

He's a pretty agile little guy.. Mom say I chased my tail when I was a puppy.. but that perhaps I'd have some trouble getting it these days.. Blah blah..And he likes his tiny stuffies. I can respect that. Even if he's a bit more recless with them than I would have been. He also attack my stuffies, but I think he's to small to do them any harm.
He also seems to get some entertainment out of this thing..
I also have a feeling that he's stalking me sometimes...

Oh well... I'm sure he'll come talk to me soon!


Pee Ess: I got a comment about no dog treats in the humans purses.. I beg to differ.. I concider chewing gum a treat and will steal them if I'm able to. The only other thing I wil steal are ballpoint pens. I have no explanation for them.. they crunch very nice in my teeth.. Uh..

22 August, 2008

When Virus arrived..

Ok.. We're still testing the name thing, but for now he's usually refered to as Virus. If we use a name.He was of course a bit scared when he arrived.. All alone with a weirdo like me (and Mom) for the first time! I think he thinks my snoring and snorting is very scary... :(
¨''''''''''''''''''(He typed that himself!)
He had a big crate with bed, toilet, food etc, but he wanted to go outside quite fast and after the above exploring he fell asleep in Mom's lap. I stayed on the floor. Mom said I was a really, really good big brudder! I kept my distance so he could settle in peace.
Then he did more exploring!

And he got to play a little too! When playing with that feather-thingy he could go really close to me, because it was apparently sooo much fun! Weird.. After a while he slept on Mom's lap and I slept on the couch next to her.. But he got a bit concerned when I got up and snorted a little.. But we're getting there!

Bajas the big brother!

He's home!

As you can see he is aspiring to learn to use the computer!
He is so tiny and so very, very soft like suede! We'll post more pictures and info later.. We're a bit busy..


21 August, 2008

Learn to be one with your couch!

First you find a nice, soft place...
Position your self and feel you become a PART of the cushion..

Uh... You talking to me? Who are you? ZZzZZz...
On occation you might feel as though you've been transported to another place.. You will feel refreshed as if you'd been sleeping! I promise!


PeeEss: I'll post pictures of the new guy once he's here and settled.. I'm still waiting.

20 August, 2008

Bajas test the kitty stuff!

As I'm sure you understand Mom has been doing some shopping lately. Virus have got to have some stuff of his very own upon his arrival. He's not eating MY food, that's for sure! Since he is arriving TOMORROW (sorry.. I just had to scream that out loud!) I thought I had to start testing all the stuff she's gotten is as good as they need to be.
I've been using this little plastic bed a bit lately. For some reason it make Mom giggle. It's not overly comfy...If you wish you can biggify this picture to see I've left some of my furs to make it more comfy for him. I'm so nice. Mom said something about adding sand, but I don't think sand is a comfy material. Stupid Mom.

Then there's this thing. I'm not going to reveal just how much time it took to find my balance. But it's really, really hard. And completely useless.
It made a good place to pose, though...
See how impressed I am? Sigh...
Further down it's got a hole.. But they've made it too small and too high up!
There's really no getting up this way, sorry Virus..

19 August, 2008

Thoughts of a brother-to-be...

Hi guys!

Thanks for letting me sleep yesterday! I love going away and visiting people and places and sniff new smells, but there's no place like home. I tend to sleep a bit extra when I get back home, I just relax better here.

I also got some tim e to think about what will happen around here when my little brother arrives on Thursday. I have so much to teach him...

It's important to take the time to smell the roses! (Or the flower of your choice)
I have to teach him to pose for pictures.. I have such great photo genes.
Toys are great - and the bigger the better. I'm no toy, however, and he'll have to learn that, too!
I'll also have to show him how to hunt game. And if we're unable to hunt down moose, we'll just beg for some samples when Mom is cooking.
Maybe he'll learn some tricks, too? Daisy knows tricks, so I'm sure he'll get very tricksy in time.

Tomorrow we'll be doing some cleaning and tidying and the last preparation before the little guy arrives! I hope he'll like it here.