27 August, 2008

Car trouble..

First of all we want to say THANK YOU to those of you who have told us about your area after our request yesterday! Please keep them coming!

Poor Mom is a bit distracted, the car decided it wouldn't start.. And it's always started perfectly and now that it was time to sell it as we don't need a car it had to get sick.. Just our luck.. Right now she's waiting for the car resque people and please keep your fingers and paws crossed it do not turn out too expensive..

Here's a sight that made her in a better mood, though! Doesn't Virus look like he'll grow up to be a macho man? BOL!



Puddleglum said...

You are very macho, Virus!

Paws crossed on the carstuff. Dad says he feels your pain-- it's a daily struggle for him.

Joe Stains said...

omdog how funny! We sure hope your car gets better :(

The Devil Dog said...

That is quite the picture. We hoped our little spiel on NH helped your mom. We hope her car gets better.


Simba and Jazzi said...

I didn't know cars got sick too?! Hope it isn't too much money.

Simba x

Dexter said...

Virus looks very handsome. Plus he is color coordinated with you!