09 August, 2008

New clues!

It's been quite grey and rainy lately, but today the sun came out when we went for our main walkie! Lots of people were out playing soccer and I looked at them for a while. Crazy people running around after a ball... A stuffie I can get, but balls are boring.. See.. BB Boring Ball. Yeah.. I also met a poodle puppy! His owner wasn't paying attention so he came over and said "hi"! He was really sweet (but Mom is always angry with people who don't pay attention when they're out with their dogs, especially puppies... ). No harm done, though. I'm good with kids of all shapes and sizes. Actually... I don't think I've met anyone I haven't liked!

Okay... Keep guessing, people! I've got some more clues for you!

- it's alive
- it's male
- it's a bit wrinkly (just like me!)

Here's a picture clue - you can see the wrinkles, right!?

I wish you all a really, really good weekend! Mom is at math class again today, but this is the last day and on Monday they start for real!

Oh... Someone asked what Mom is up to with school! She'll study to be a biology and English teacher. So maybe the spelling and grammar will get better around here... (Biology will be her main subject, though, so don't get your hopes up!)
Oh.. And will you all keep your fingers cross her student loan works out? According to everything she can find on the official student loan providers homepage her entire 5years of studies should be covered, but in the letter she recieved(she's in the clear for this year) it said she would not get a student loan for the whole period as she would exceed the maximum number of years allowed... As you can imagine she panicked a little... Hopefully it's a mistake, though! (According to the paragraph they refered to she should be okay, but naturally she stressed out anyways...)

Sleepy snores,


Daisy said...

Good luck to your mom on the student loan!

I have to admit, the more clues I get, the more confused I am!

Unknown said...

We sure hope the loan works out for the mom - you need your mom to have plenty of cash for food! Okay, we are guessing it is a pug!

Clover said...

Hmmm... it really seems like it is a black pug puppy brother for you... am I right?! Oh when can we find out! This is suspenseful.
Love Clover xo
P.S. Best of luck for your mom - I am sure everything will be ok!

Eduardo said...

I hope the loan works out! Also I think it's a little brother pug! or a wrinkly kitty.
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Suggle Puggle

The Devil Dog said...

Okay, we are still going with our first guess, but now we know it's a male.
As for the student loan thing, we hope that works out well for your mom. I know my mom would be a basket case if that were her.

(We couldn't read the bug post. Mom doesn't like bugs and she certainly doesn't like seeing BIG pictures of them either.) hee hee wuss!


Patience-please said...

A very worried Whippet puppy??? Good luck on the loans for your mom...

wags from the whippets

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bajas!
You are going to have a puppy pug brother!
Good luck to your Mom! that thing about the loan must be stressful!
Kisses and hugs