28 November, 2007

The puppy human

This is our buddy Fenris. A few years back we shared an apt with him and his mom, our bestest Auntie Lene. Then they moved to a city Far Far Away. That makes us really sad. But that's not really the point. He just became a big brother to a tiny human puppy. And this week Lene and puppy Leah came down south and we got to take her for walkies!

This is Auntie Lene and Fenris' son, Morris, who live with them too(before the puppy hatched). We haven't met Morris yet, because they live so Far Far Away. Mom have, though. Rather unfair in our opinion.

Anyway - we got to take puppy Leah for walkies yesterday. They came down on a plane, so the doggies didn't come, they're home with their daddy. Thus we just made sure Auntie Lene and puppy Leah got sufficient protection. Here's a few pictures Mom took. The poor puppy was rather tired.

Oh so very, very sleepy...
Then they put her into this terrifying, rolling crate. Mom and Auntie Lene and the pugs didn't seem the slightest bit worried. This meant I had to worry for all of us. Let's just say I was rather worried. I love puppy humans. I'm not too fond of puppy dogs, they thend to be just as scary as the big thing. But puppy humans are less scary than big humans. Mom find this rather surprising... But I just want to inform you that they grow out of the not-dangarous-age rather quickly. So spend your time well. Anyways...

We walked into the dark and cold, but I kept watch. I saved her from kids playing soccer, two dogs and a couple of joggers. I constantly kept an eye on the Evil Rolling Crate and it didn't dare to complete it's Evil Plot and run away with puppy Leah.

I'm also posting a picture of my cute puppy self and the human puppy my breeder had. Mom thinks it's supercute, but since it's not her picture she's posting the link rather than posting it here. It's nothing scary so please go look - I was supercute! We're working together to figure out how the world works.
Me and Nic - picture


24 November, 2007

Christmas is approaching...

It's been really pretty outside lately.. Well.. It's just started raining again (yuck) but for a little while the entire world was frosted. We really like when it's just below freezing and not muddy at all while still not beeing too cold for long walkies. Mom particularly liked that first picture, but we've taken a few close-ups of the frost/ice too!

See how the ice is a lot higher up than the water below? Weird!
But something scary happened! Our bridges also got all frosty and creepy! Not pretty at all, and most likely fatal. Mom went across without thinking, but we're happy to say she arrived safely on the other side. Bajas the big momma's boy followed her, and he too arrived safely on the other side. So while we were debating what to do, Mom took out her camera and started calling us "chicken". Meanie.. Anyways - when she started to film us we decided we better risk our lives too, and came after them. Here's the evidence of the risks we took:

But now that it's raining again we're inside plotting what we're going to get our WhippetWorld Secret Santa-recipient. It's all lots of fun. We're writing cards for the card exchange too! It's really nice once the cards start arriving. Mom says she's spending all the money she's got left this month (and then some) to finance all our international correspondance. We've noticed there's a card exchange between the DWB dogs too. We aren't joining that this year, but perhaps we'll make Mom work extra hard next year so we can attend this too!

Bajas, Coco & Nimbus

22 November, 2007

Wet, wet Thursday.

So THIS is what you call Thanksgiving? First the human dragged us out into the freezing, wet horrors of this particularly gray Thursday. And once we finally return home, wet and muddy... We're dragged into the bathroom and put in the shower. For good measure she stuck us all in there together, probably to make sure we never had the time to get our hopes up that only one of us was the unlucky one.
Bajas in the dreaded bathtub.
Now we're sitting her, drying and miserable AND hungry. Sigh.. Hope you others have things to be thankfull for and turkey in your food bowls. We're really trying to be thankfull, but it's sort of hard right now.

Whatcha laughing at???

the WetWriggleButts

20 November, 2007

Buy Nothing Day

Hi friends!

We just wanted to remind you all that Friday November 23(US/Canada)/Saturday November 24(Internationally) is Buy Nothing Day. Actually it's the 15th annual BND and we'd like you all to participate. We get a bit sad thinking about all the stuff we buy-buy-buy (food and stuffies not included) rather than focusing on the important things. We're approaching Christmas and we want to encourage you all to GIVE OF YOURSELVES!

Us animals are rather good at this, we give love and fun and cuddles every day. Now we have to make the humans do the same. A tin of homemade cookies or a gift sertificate for a home made dinner/a night out/a trip to an exciting gallery/a donation to your(or their) local shelter etc.. There are so many things you can do rather than add to the number of objects stacked in houses all over the globe. Save the environment and make it a better Christmas all at once!

Here are a few pics from Mom and Auntie Anna's "making-caramels-day" last year.
Sticky, chocolaty caramels - all wrapped up and put into pretty bags. Now isn't that a nice gift?

We plan to give kisses and extraordinary stinky kisses this Christmas. Mommy will be buying a few gifts (no one on BND, though), but also make home made candy and biscotti and "to-do" gifts.
So stop and smell the roses on Friday/Saturday!

the WriggleButts

19 November, 2007

Feeding frenzy

Mom thinks we're being a bit silly at feeding time. That she could never live in an apartment building because she'd be suspected of abuse? Please note that this is only for our yummy raw food. Kibble doesn't get the same reaction. We hope the video works, it's our first video-upload-attempt. (please note the bottom of our bowls says "All gone")!

the WriggleButts

It wasn't me (2)

Nope.. Wasn't me. Maybe it self-destructed? Or I guess it was Vee's Nearly again?

- Nimbus -

18 November, 2007

Pretty Cold

We don't really know much about why the colder air or particles or whatever that cause such pretty skies in winter - but Mom took some pictures because she thinks it's really pretty. These are taken when we came home from our walkies. A rather good time of day to go for walkies in our opinion!

Hope you've enjoyed them! And that you have had very good weekends. We've mostly been doing nothing with mom on the couch. Apart from being sad and alone while mom was at her Christmas party yesterday. She wore the dress. Believe it or not! :(

The WriggleButts

16 November, 2007

Making Mufins

Mom is home today, so we've been helping her out. She's been baking today, and that's one of our favourite things to help with! We've been baking her wholewheat & yoghurt chocolate chip muffins! We're not very happy about that chocolate part. That means we don't get to taste the finished product. But we do get to help out with the yoghurt!! We don't know how mom would cope if she had to do all the washing by herself...

Oh... yummy-yummy!
Mom said she might use more time cleaning the yoghurt off us than she would need to clean the utensils herself.
Silly human...
Apart from being her pre-rinse cycle(and this blog) there's noe evidence we helped! Right!?!

And a picture of the finished product! Yummy, huh? We're going to bring them all to our Grandpa. His birthday was yesterday. We should have blogged about it then. Sorry! We'll give you extra sneezes to day as our apology. And the muffins.We got him this card, too. The text says "Birthday boy"!

15 November, 2007

It wasn't me!

- Nimbus -

The "Christmas table"

Well.. It's time for the annual Christmas party where Mom works. Here in Norway these Christmas parties are called (word-by-word translation) "Christmas table". Sounds rather silly when you think about it, but then again so do many words you're used to if you think about them a bit. Anyways.. This is not the point, what we need your help with is what Mom's going to be wearing. You really need to look your best, and we've come up with a few suggestions.

Lovely, white hoodie with "Obey the Pug" print.
Nononononono... WE've decided? Oh come on.. You all know who made this suggestion!
Black "Black pugs rule" t-shirt. An obvious choice since it's Mom's own design.
Coco's favourite!

Classic neclace with running whippet dog and purple beads.

Now this is where our confusion starts... Mom don't seem to be satisfied with our choices. Even though we've been very reasonable and suggested she can wear jeans or even a skirt (it's a bit fancy, after all..) too, as the humans all seem a bit obsessed with wearing clothes all over!

So here's Mom's suggestion... Totally boring... No way, Hosé! Ain't happening!

So, friends - please let us know what you think is the best option!

Sniffs and sneezes,
the WriggleButts

14 November, 2007


So.. Here's proof of the abuse! It's Wednesday morning, 4.45 am....See how tired I am? I can hardly lift my head, not to mention open my eyes!
Coco tried to hide in the far corner of the crate... Poor little old lady! Woken up by bright lights and loud noises in the middle of the night!!
See? Super sleepy!She carried me to the door.. Evil woman....
Out into the dark, wet horribleness... But at least she didn't force me to go too far.. See the door? BOL... Then I could just run as fast as my little black feet would allow and go back to sleep!


13 November, 2007


It's most certainly fall in Norway. It's been really cold lately. Below zero (Celcius) at night so everything freezes.. Mom just love having to get all the ice off the car in the mornings.. Haha.. We thing she deserves that, leaving us to go to work? Nonsense.. She usually take the train, but if she starts work really early (like 5am) she have to take the car because the trains are all sleepy. So are we. We REALLY don't want to go outside to pee.. Mom can be SO stubborn! She'll actually carry us out of the warm, cozy crates and out into the freezing darkness. No good human!!

Here's Nimbus showing his strategy for really cold days..

If your jammies don't get you warm enough.. or your nose just get particularly cold, stick it into Mom's slipper! Perfect fit. We think the cold nose-thing is an inherited trait - Mom gets a really cold nose, too, when it's cold!

11 November, 2007

I'm Nimbus

So.. Finally time to properly introduce myself! My registred name is Marbleize Caesarean Marvel, but I'm usually refered to as "Nimbus".. Or stiLk (sort of resembling the noun "stalk" as I'm rather slender compared to the pugs).

This is me and my littermates - my brothers Zorro and Tim.
And these are the puppy eyes that completely wrapped my Mom around my tiny little paw. Cute, huh? I'm 5 weeks old.
It's not that I'm bragging about my medal or anything.. ROFL.. I went BOB and also had a couple of group placements as a puppy.
I love my brother.. He's good for wrestling and all sorts of stuff, but most importently is the curling up into one big furball on the couch. They are great heaters, pugs, I can recommend them to any Whippet out there! Rather.. ahem.. well padded, too.. so they're comfy to sleep on!

Here I'm having a bath. I'm not particulary fond of water, though. Mom have no idea why I decided that the one time to go swimming volountarly for the first time was January 15th.. It was a bit of snow and ice outside, but then the water didn't seem as cold as in summer. Really!!
I've never really figured out why Whippies aren't supposed to like the snow. I love snow.. You can run and be silly in snow. And short-legged pugs are even slower in snow. If it's really cold and I have to stand still Mom make me wear a coat. I hate coats.. They're horrible. I prefer to be naked.. I hate harnesses too.. Anything to wear isn't a good idea in my opinion. Blankets excluded, of course! I love blankets!!!
And I just wanted to point out that I'm fully capable of sticking my tongue out just like the pugs. Hah!
I've got my Lure Coursing lisence, but my no good human haven't taken me for any practices or trials for a long time.. Sniff...
I've just tried a tiny bit of agility. It's great fun, but there's always so many other dogs there. :( I don't like other dogs too much. I never have. But once I get to know everydoggie (and humans too) they generally turn out to be much nicer than expected!

I love to run.. Did I mention that? Mom love my flapping-in-the-wind ears.. Here I'm running on one of my favourite beaches. The very same where I went for the swim, actually!

Hope you've enjoyed my pictures. I might be the last one to get to write my presentation, but that's just because the pugs wanted to be first to avoid the embaressment of being so obviously less cute and funny than me!

Hugs (yes, I *do* give proper hugs!) and kisses, Nimbus.

09 November, 2007

I'm Bajas

Hi fans! I'm Bajas aka Baja Boy aka Bolla, but my registred name is Klehaugens Lille Lebowski. You've already met my mother, Coco! I started out looking like this; a tiny black blob.

I was born on the south west coast of Norway, April 2002. Then Mom came across the mountains and drove me back home. I was oh so cute, and I still am!

Living in cold Norway you've got to stay warm. My auntie Lene made this for me for my 6months "birthday". We even had a party - muffins and gifts and everything!
I'm a real sweetheart.. and perhaps they're right when they say I'm a mommy's boy.. But.. Uhm.. She's my mom, and I'm not sure what to do withouth her.
I'm a real working dog. In addition to several obedience classes and some basic obedience I'm also a hunting dog as you can see. This moose was caught a few years ago.
Apart from playing obedience with mom my favourite pasttime is playing with my stuffies. They say I prefer them on the large side.. I dunno.. Seems rather perfect size to me!!!
I'm totally cute! I'm rather confident I'm the best looking pug you've ever laid eyes on. I can be a bit overly eager when I meet new people. Dogs are ok too, especially pugs, but I prefer to meet their humans to be perfectly honest.

Great getting to know you! Kisses and snorts, Bajas!