25 August, 2010

Peeing on the PeeWee..

...or at least sort of! Mom's ordered a PeeWee cat toilet, but while at the field office we attempted to make one of our own.

First - you need two roomy plastic boxes that stack so that there's a gap between the floor of the bottom one and the top one - like here:

Then you drill a whole load of holes in the bottom of one of them - the one who will become the top one. This will allow for the pee to pour through and that the pee soaked wooden pellets, who then dissolve into wood shavings, can fall through. The theory is that the kitties will dig in the box and help transport the wood shavings through, but a firm shake may be necessary. Certain kitties prefer to "dig" at the walls and roofs and such of a litter box...

Then stack the two boxes, add a few of the wooden pellets in the bottom one(to soak up any unaccompanied pee that arrives in the beginning) and a nice thick layer in the top one. There are wooden pellets intended for use with guinea pigs and such, but we use the ones supposed to be used as firewood in special pellet ovens. They are MUCH cheaper, and work just as well.

After a little use and a good shake of the box, this is what we find in the bottom one:
Other than a faint smell of pine it doesn't smell at all, actually. (Except right after #2s)

Virus and Hyssing give it two paws up!

And since any box with pellets is a toilet (according to Virus......) we went and got a lid for the storage box. LOL! A 30 liter bag of pellets will last two cats about one and a half month or so, so it turns out really cheap. And no sand all over the floors. (I've been happily using crystal cat litter until this very humid summer when they started dissolving after half the time, and it just turned out too expensive.)


Teri and her Stylish Cats said...

Very ingenious! The Furrydance cats hate the crystals and the pellets but like the unpelleted clumping pine litter ok, but I find it way to light and fluffy and messy. No litter is perfect, but cats sure are picky!

Kari in Alaska said...

Interesting. My biggest issue with cats in the litter

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Dexter said...

I think the blog title says it all.


Forever Foster said...

That is what I use for my litter! I will only pee on the pine pellets. Fui and Suey still insist on using the paper pellets though. Mum likes the pine because the smell is so much better.