05 October, 2011

PuppyLessons are everywhere

I think that having a puppy makes you very aware of your environment and the potential lessons you can teach the pup. Like balance, for instance!

Strange surfaces are another - I'll make Gummi go onto any strange thing I can find.

There was a little balance lesson in there, too, but less pronounced than on the log.

Any place/object you always introduce your puppy to? Or other important lessons you always remember? Please tell us about them, it's always nice to hear what others think and get new ideas.



PugMommy said...

love the new look. Fall is the best time of the year.

Shane Kent Louis said...

what a nice place, I love your photos! wanna go there sometime. Woof!

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Dexter said...

I always take advantage of new things on walks, especially if Dexter is initially a tad concerned. He is a brave little dude and if I give him time to figure things out on his own and don't push, he does great. Mango? Let's just say that new experiences are not his cup of tea.

Mango Momma

Unknown said...

Hi Guys we are new followers of your blog and look forward to being friends :)

That looks like fun and cute videos