19 June, 2011


Silly Hyssing was a good boy and came back inside as soon as the sun came out. He doesn't even like being outside very much, so we were afraid he would be cold and miserable and maybe even sick, but he'd just been miserable. Sorry, Hyssy, but that was your own choice!

On a positive note - Mom went and bought us plenty of yummy meatables!

She let me into the back of the car when she got home - a standing buffet!Photobucket
6 times my weight in food isn't bad! Hee hee..


This is the pre-made raw food we used to eat in the past, but we haven't eaten much of it the last three years since we didn't have a car or a big freezer. We'll go buy it from time to time now, though, as it's cheaper than making our own food.

Tomorrow we're going away for a week, so we'll still only be online sporadically for a while longer.



Dexter said...

I started eating some of that pre-made raw food myself. It is most yummers. Glad that wayward kitteh is home. Hope he learned his lesson.


Kari in Alaska said...

so glad to hear he came back in


Amber-Mae said...

Great to know Hyssing has come back home. OOOOH whatever you were munching on in that picture, it looks tasty! I love raw meatables too!