04 July, 2009

Paris day II

Today has been a much more calm day than yesterday, especially since my feet hurt so much that I decided they could use some rest and I went back to our hotel while PA did his last few hours of sight seeing.

Here's a fascinating phenomenon, though... There seems to be a water issue going on, as small fountains are appearing along many streets - especially in the mornings (apparently) leaving small streams running into the nearest storm drain.

Today we started out taking the metro to Pont Neuf. Walked across this very old bridge to the Ile de la Cité, the seat of Paris' oldest settlements. On our way to checking out the Notre Dame, we passed the Sainte Chapelle:
And then this is Notre Dame (we didn't see any hunch backs, though..)
It's actually a surprisingly small building... :P
There are some nice stained glass windows!
It was all a bit weird, really. Mass started shortly after we arrived and took place in a fenced off area in the middle of the church with hundreds of tourists all over the place staring and taking pictures.. I really think people should try to show some respect even if they are not Christians (or whatever religion is in question).. The priest actually had to hush at the spectators.. Sigh.. And some people had gone into the area reserved for mass and stood up to take pictures (with flash on, mind you, it's dark in there!)... Sometimes I'm so embarrased to be a tourist..

By the time you're reading this we should be in Metz and supposedly there's Internet, so I'll be able to update. And we'll be back home in under a week! :O



Mia said...

The church is beautiful. And youare so right about people showing respect. Some people just don't think.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Merci fur the Paris pikhs!

Yes, peeple are rude and stoopid!