12 July, 2008

We will vacation!

So we just got back from the first part of our vacation! We've missed all your blogs and will be catching up shortly. Here's the first part of our pictures and what I've been up to!

Like I said before - it's important to wear correct safety gear. When we first arrived at our boat I got a bit too excited and jumped.. straigt into the water.. Mom pulled me back out with only my collar.. She said she have no idea why this made me suddenly NOT fear getting in or out of the boat.. I've generally been a bit careful, but this week I've been jumping in and out like it's a piece of cake.
Our first walk to "Lovfjellet". One happy, happy pug!
Reaching the top - taking a rest with my buddy!
Can't complain about the view, huh?
At our cottage the cherry trees were all RED!
I believe you call these sour cherries in English? For some reason we use the "cherry" word for these sour ones and a different one for the sweet ones in Norwegian. It causes some confusion.. but then again cherries can't make too big problems!
Later on Monday - we checked out one of the smaller islands - "Hummerøya" (Lobster Island)
Can you see me? I'm the two black spots a short while behind PA (My ears and my tail.. You can click to biggify it a bit!)
After this island there's a small.. uh.. what do you call it when it's only like a rock sticking out of the water?? Either way.. after that you can carry straight ahead and see nothing but water (and possibly a boat) before reaching Scotland.
The view towards the main island (Hidra). Our cottage is slightly to the right of this picture.
The old man and the sea. And the pug. The peninsula you see in the horizon, Listerlandet, become the southmost point of Norway.
There's old buildings on some of the islands..
This one is old, too, but is still used as shelter when the sheep are out here grazing on the island. We found no sheep on this one. (I don't care about the sheep at all.. but if I was your regular dog I should have had a leash on.)
See me?

Mom always take some of the "ooooh this is pretty" pictures.. This is sort of cool, though.. A ded pine bush with plenty of pine cones still on it.. all greyed from salt and sun and wind and time..

That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed sharing my vacation!



Dexter said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation photos. Momma is totally envious.

What's up with jumping in the water? Good thing you brought the proper equipment.


Clover said...

Hi Bajas!
Beautiful vacation pictures. I can see hpw happy you were - thanks for sharing!
Love Clover xo

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bajas!
Thanks for sharingthe pictures of your vacation!
We felt like we were there with you!
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

That looks so fun! You gotta be careful about jumping in that water! I HATE water!?!

The Devil Dog said...

Thanks so much for the photos. What a beautiful place to vacation. You are making mom sigh. We enjoyed these very much!

Roxy, Lucky & Mom