25 April, 2009

Showy Saturday!

Hi guys! I'm home again!
It was fun to talk to everyone and we've got LOADS of pix of all sorts of doggies - we'll post some today and the rest tomorrow. First you get the most important ones, though - ME!
As for results they were pretty much as expected. I got the highest quality ribbon - but nothing apart from that. I was actually the only black one - all the rest were fawns. And many were good. Mom was very sorry to hear from one that she'd just plain given up showing her black pug as it's just impossible to win anything with them. This makes Mom very furious. She knows me and my good and bad sides and wasn't expecting any big wins with some very good competition. But it's so sad that the prettiest colour of pug is seen as lower quality. It really would be good to have the colors seperated, as this should improve the quality of the blacks as well.

Anyway - I don't carea about the color of the ribbons! It was fun! This is when i had just finished! Tee hee...
Now this is one of the Norwegian breeds - Lundehund. They have extra toes and very mobile joints - and are cute, too! If you're a tiny bit curious you can have a read here for a few more facts - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwegian_Lundehund
So - wanna see what else we saw? I thought so!
Irish wolfhound - I wonder how many pugs it would take to fill one of those. Not as food - but inside..
Boston Terror
Sweet whippet relaxing in a chair.
Best whippet bitch and best of opposite!
Corgi butt and a cute French Bulldog.
He was mostly on the floor like this - pretty cute guy!
Another whippet bitch (this was either second on third in the bitch class - Mom's three favourites made the top 3)
And finally - another whippet. BOL! There will be more breeds for you tomorrow!
Hope you all have great weekends. I've returned to the couch for farting and sleeping.



Sandra y Coco said...

Congratulations, Bajas! for us you are a great good looking Black Pug, and we dont understand why someone would compare a black pug with a fawn pug in such a way. They are both unique! it definately should be a separate category. well, let me tell you, i cant believe you went to the show and came back home already while my mom just had breakfast and is still wearing her pajamas!! she said something about the time zone, but i just think she is crazy lazy!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Sorry the stooooopid hoomans don't appreciate TRUE handsomeness/beaWOOty!

Tank woo fur sharing the other khool khanines!

I khan't wait to see what woo have in store fur tomorrow!


Asta said...

Sooo unfaiw! you should have won evewything! I think black puggies awe gowgeous and should have theiw own categowy.
You awe a winnew to me!!!
Those whippet kids wewe lovely too
they always have such sweet expwessions. I love them all
smoochie kisses and congwatulations to you..you wond lots of heawts!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bajas!
Yes, you are a winner to me too!
Thanks for sharing your great day and all those doggies!
Kisses and hugs

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Hi Bajas,
Thank you for sharring the show. We felt like we were right there with you. We learned a lot from you sharring. That is not fair for peoples to decide one color is better than another. That is not true at all. I wanted to tell you that you sure have a beautiful black shinny coat.We are glad that you had such a good time. We rooooted for you!

Forever Foster said...

Concatulations on your ribbon! That's super cool:) It is sad that black pugs aren't properly recognised. Your coat is so beautiful and shiny, how could anyone not love it?!

Joe Stains said...

That is one handsome Boston :) You are very handsome too and I am sorry they are jerks about your color. thanks for sharing the photos.