19 November, 2007

It wasn't me (2)

Nope.. Wasn't me. Maybe it self-destructed? Or I guess it was Vee's Nearly again?

- Nimbus -


Ferndoggle said...

Nimbus, good story. Stick to it. I'm a firm believer in "Deny Everything!".


Clover said...

Hahah! Nimbus! You are funny! Probably self-destructed. I am going to use that excuse too and see if it works!
Great pics in your last post too!
Love Clover xo

Lorenza said...

Hi, Nimbus
What kind of strange things happen at your house??
I wonder who did it!
Have a nice day

Joe Stains said...

I'd blame it on global warming??!!

dog face girls said...

Yum, yum, I love plastic.


Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

We agree, it surely had to self destruct!!

xoxoFour Pugz

Stanley said...


I don't get what's wrong with that bottle. Looks perfectly fine to me. But, if someone thinks you did something to it, you can always say, "I have no recollection of that." It's worked for presidents here in the U.S. It should work just fine for you.

Goober love,