24 November, 2007

Christmas is approaching...

It's been really pretty outside lately.. Well.. It's just started raining again (yuck) but for a little while the entire world was frosted. We really like when it's just below freezing and not muddy at all while still not beeing too cold for long walkies. Mom particularly liked that first picture, but we've taken a few close-ups of the frost/ice too!

See how the ice is a lot higher up than the water below? Weird!
But something scary happened! Our bridges also got all frosty and creepy! Not pretty at all, and most likely fatal. Mom went across without thinking, but we're happy to say she arrived safely on the other side. Bajas the big momma's boy followed her, and he too arrived safely on the other side. So while we were debating what to do, Mom took out her camera and started calling us "chicken". Meanie.. Anyways - when she started to film us we decided we better risk our lives too, and came after them. Here's the evidence of the risks we took:

But now that it's raining again we're inside plotting what we're going to get our WhippetWorld Secret Santa-recipient. It's all lots of fun. We're writing cards for the card exchange too! It's really nice once the cards start arriving. Mom says she's spending all the money she's got left this month (and then some) to finance all our international correspondance. We've noticed there's a card exchange between the DWB dogs too. We aren't joining that this year, but perhaps we'll make Mom work extra hard next year so we can attend this too!

Bajas, Coco & Nimbus


Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

Beautiful pictures. Glad you enjoyed your walkie.

Four Pugz

Ferndoggle said...

We just got snow too!!! Pittsburgh isn't so different than Norway, eh? If you want to send your snailmail addy to us, we'd love to send you a holiday card!! ferndoggleblog at yahoo dot com.

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Seadra & Zoe said...

It's getting cold here and our Mom is happy because we don't get all muddy when we go out to play.

We can't wait for the cards to start rolling in too. It's so fun.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics - but we couldn't get the video to work - we'll try again later.


Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
Sure is cold there! Looking at your pictures make me want to go under my blankets!
Sure you all are so brave crossing that bridge! Sure I would not do it!
Have fun with your cards!
Have a good night

Daisy said...

Oh that bridge looks very icy and scairty! You were brave to scamper across.

The Devil Dog said...

It has been cold here too, but at least it has been sunny. No ice, yet.

Roxy & Lucky

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Hi ya Friends we're back from R long rd trip & sniffed over 2 c whacha up 2. Wow ice we don't like it much Ginger & Sparky won't even go potty 4 m&d who have to clear the iced ground... can u believe it? ya been busy baking and bathing hehehe ya look sooooo cutzie. Mommy wants some of your biscotti & candy recipes mmm sound good. well we gotta continue our visit run
bow wow 4 now love licks & wagging tails TX trio barking loud can u hear us?

Paula said...

Brrrr, what little snow we had melted but still in the 30's. Time to hibernate or at least get some serious pug cuddling in.

Beautiful walk you went on.

Frasier said...

Our mommas been so lazy about keeping up so we have not joined anything this year on DWB's !Its sad !!!
It has been raing where I live but no ice !

Patience-please said...

Oh those photos are so lovely, but only because that frost and ice is so far away!!! but it's been miserable in western Kentucky - cold and rainy all day today. Oh well, good day to hunker down and do nothing!
Nimbus you were so brave leading the way over the ice bridge!

stay warm-
the whippet waggle

Joe Stains said...

omdog that ice looks terrifying, I would have refused to even go outside. you guys are super BRAVE!

dog face girls said...

Hey WriggleButts,

We love our walks, even in the cold..But our favorite thing to do is lie by the wood stove and stay snuggly warm.

Skeezix, Buster and Nerarly

Clover said...

Pawesome pictures! Wish I could come join you there!
Love Clover xo

happy said...

What lovely pictures! But the bridge certainly looked a bit scary though.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh your walkie looks nice. Keep warm doggies

~ Girl girl

Simba said...

That looks very cold. I have a jumper you can borrow.

Simba xx

Stanley said...

Hey, guys!

We have frost every morning now, but some days it gets really warm in the afternoon, so we're having a little seasonal confusion.

Sorry you won't be in the DWB card exchange, but, I'm sure you'll get lots of good cards from the Whippet Network!

Goober love,

Asta said...

HiBajas Coco and Nimbus

All that fwost looks weally pwetty..we have no snow ow ice yet, but I' waiting
smoochie kisses