09 November, 2007

I'm Bajas

Hi fans! I'm Bajas aka Baja Boy aka Bolla, but my registred name is Klehaugens Lille Lebowski. You've already met my mother, Coco! I started out looking like this; a tiny black blob.

I was born on the south west coast of Norway, April 2002. Then Mom came across the mountains and drove me back home. I was oh so cute, and I still am!

Living in cold Norway you've got to stay warm. My auntie Lene made this for me for my 6months "birthday". We even had a party - muffins and gifts and everything!
I'm a real sweetheart.. and perhaps they're right when they say I'm a mommy's boy.. But.. Uhm.. She's my mom, and I'm not sure what to do withouth her.
I'm a real working dog. In addition to several obedience classes and some basic obedience I'm also a hunting dog as you can see. This moose was caught a few years ago.
Apart from playing obedience with mom my favourite pasttime is playing with my stuffies. They say I prefer them on the large side.. I dunno.. Seems rather perfect size to me!!!
I'm totally cute! I'm rather confident I'm the best looking pug you've ever laid eyes on. I can be a bit overly eager when I meet new people. Dogs are ok too, especially pugs, but I prefer to meet their humans to be perfectly honest.

Great getting to know you! Kisses and snorts, Bajas!


Ferndoggle said...

That's a great tongue shot!! You are one good lookin' puggie.


Solhaugen said...

Elendig på engelsk så eg tar det på norsk hehe.
Men Any hu..
dere er de søteste Wigglebutts Ever.
Og det er knall moro og lese om dere.

Vil med dette utfordre mamma`n deres om å skrive 6 ting som er fakta om Bajas the stud.;)Sjekk det ut på bloggen min.
Anja. Foxy,fox og lille gutt Paul.

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Oh Bajas you are so adorable! Crikit's bark month is April too! We love the mooose can we play with it too?

Lots of Love Licks: TX trio wagging out & barking loud!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bajas
Sure you are very cute! Looks like you prefer big stuffies! I like smaller ones that I can carry with my mouth!
I hope and your family will have a great weekend!

Maya and Kena said...

Hey guys!
Thanks fur your concern on Kena's surgery! It went fine and she just came back home! (which stinks fur me, but it was getting kind of boring without her!)
Have a great weekend!
Wags and licks,

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

hey buddies,

welcome to www.dogswithblogs.com.au - it is great to meet you, and I am sure you will make lots of new friends here :-)


Daisy said...

Hi Bajas! I liked learning all about you. And I think your hat is very fashionable.

Paula said...


It is great to be a Mommy's boy. My Bandit is too! Trust me, your Mommy wouldn't know what to do without you either.

What a cutie you are!


The Devil Dog said...

Oh Baja, you are very cute. I must say so myself. Maybe because you are black like me. You are the cutest boy pug. I am the cutest girl pug.


~Ahem~ Lucky

Just ignore my sister. ~ Roxy

Stanley said...


You ARE one of the finest looking pugs (maybe the BEST looking puggy boy) I've ever laid eyes on! My love pug, Suki, is probably the finest looking pug I've ever seen, but I'm partial.

Your tongue shot is the best. Looks like you know how to work the camera, man!

Goober love,

Le Mops said...

Hi Guys! Mah MaMa sez I can start hunting when Ima six months old. I canno wait to git mah own moose! You are so lucky!