15 September, 2008

Vet visit!

Hi guys!

We're back home from the Vet's! Virus did really well! First he got to take a ride in his new crate.Can you see him in there? :D

I took him for a little walk outside the Vet's first!

We had to wait a little while, but he was real tough and just sat in Mom's lap most of the time while I jumped up and down with excitement. We met a 4month old long haired Vorsteh puppy and a Kooiker and some longhaired cat.. and a black/silver Miniature Schnauzer and an Airedale! Pretty good value for money in my opinion!

Virus got his check-up first and bled a little from where the needle punctured his skin when getting his vaccine, but he didn't make a noise. Then he got to cuddle with the vet tech while I got to be ON THE TABLE! Wohoo! I just love the vet! I got LOTS of treats and cuddles and then we went back home. Virus is asleep tired from all the new impressions and I'm a bit tired myself after all the excitement!



Eduardo said...

That's good that you had a good time at the vet! Virus looks so handsome in his harness!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Mango said...

I like Virus's sporty harness. The vet can be a cool place if you get lots of love. Seems like Virus has established a good relationship.


Puddleglum said...

Wow! That's cool you like the vets-- I don't. They poke me and stick stuff up my rear. No likey.

Yay for Virus getting all shottified!

The Devil Dog said...

Sounds like a Virus did really well at the vet's. That's good.


Joe Stains said...

You are one of a couple of doggies I know that like the vet, NOT ME. I hate that stinky old vet and I have to go TOMORROW. Glad Virus did ok, he is cute in his little harness.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bajas!
Glad everything went well at the vet!
Virus looks so cute with his harness!
Kisses and hugs

Simba said...

You certainly put safety first in the car, good for you.

Simba x

Le Mops said...

That;s so nice of you to walk Virus! I'm sure he will learn the vet is fun someday too!
Le Mops

Nancy and the fatties said...

What a brave, good kitty Virus is! I have always wanted a kitty, myself.
with hugs from Texas,
your pal Pee