02 September, 2008

Healing and comfort all around!

First of all I'd like to send my very best lucky snorts to anyone in the path of hurricane Gustav or any other nasty storm. I also want to say we're thinking of Eduardo's mom struggling with her epilepsy. We hope she'll be better real soon so she can snuggle with Eduardo and he'll have time to blog! Then Mom got a text message from Auntie - my very best buddy and Mom's favourite nephew - the one and only Fenris aka Frizz - is having back problems and is in pain..

Stay strong, buddy! I know you'll get through this!

There you go - cuddle up in that blanket and get better!

Healing snorts and wind-reduced kisses from Bajas


Simba said...

You really do like to cuddle up in the blanket!

Simba x

Daisy said...

I hope you feel better soon little Frizz!

The Devil Dog said...

We hope Fritz feels better as well.

Roxy & Lucky

Joe Stains said...

We are sending some healing vibes to little Fenriz!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bajas!
I hope Fenris feels better soon! Paws crossed for him!
And for all our friends who are having health problems!
Kisses and hugs