18 September, 2008


I'm not really able to post or read and comment today, but I hope you're all doing better than me! I must have eaten something or got some bug, because I've spent the day running in and out with Mom with severe diarrhea.. (And unfortunately for both of us Mom HAD to go to school for a couple of hours today for an obligatory assignment and let's say what she came home to was not very pretty and I had to get a BATH and Mom got to enjoy some nasty cleaning!)



Mango said...

Happens to all of us. No big deal. When I get squirties, I get to eat rice and chicken to calm my tummy down. Yummers!


The Devil Dog said...

Ewww. Hope you are all better soon.


Lorenza said...

What happened?? Did you eat something that you should not??
I hope you get better soon!
Paws crossed for you!
Kisses and hugs

nl1990 said...

oh bajas - i hope you're feeling better soon!

Puddleglum said...

Poor Bajas! I got the diarrheas after I had my hoo-ha-ectomy. No fun at all, so I feel your pain!

Tell Mommy to keep an eye out for dehydration and blood in the poopies! Big Brother had that when he got HGE. Nasty stuff.

Get better soon!

Simba said...

So sorry to hear you are not well. Get well soon.

Simba x