25 August, 2011

Puppy School - day 1

Yesterday was the first day of Puppy School for Gummi (I got to spend an evening going through the theory last week). Of course it was raining.. And the weather report said rain all night..

Here the car is stuffed and ready to go! Gummi on the left, Bajas on the right. Bajas got to come along to meet some new people and just so he didn't have to stay behind.

A bag full of toys, treats, camera (few pix were taken as I only have so many hands and the mental capacities are also limited).

The trainer showing how to teach the hand target to a poodle puppy, they were six puppies in total. As you can see the asphalt is dry! Yay! It didn't rain the entire hour we were there, which was brilliant. We did some contact training (puppy earns clicks for looking at you, and then progressed to following when the owner walks backwards). Gummi already knew this pretty well, so it was nice to mainly focus on the new disturbances (crazy kids comes to mind - one of the puppies had two legged siblings that were.. ahem.. rather active). After the break we worked on the hand target. He knew this, too, so we got to up the difficulty a bit and he did pretty well.

Before we left for school I put on him the red rain suit so he'd get used to it (this shows the initial reaction pretty well). In the end he didn't need it, and by the time he'll need it again he'll most likely have outgrown it. Could have needed it on our walk today. It wasn't raining so I suggested a walk - in the middle of the forest it started to pour down. We were all completely soaked when we got home! But Gummi got to run and sniff, saw a horse (very exciting!), a biker and a few people out walking. Now we're ready for bed!


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Benny and Lily said...

hilarious, he is just like a little kid
Benny & Lily