24 June, 2009

Ljubljana day II

Yesterday we got on the train headed for Ljubljana. It was a really nice train ride high into the hills or perhaps you'd even say mountains. It kept raining, so no great pix, but here's one of a huge castle arrangment on top of a hill:
We found our hostel in Ljubljana and fell in love with this sign on the toilet in the common bathroom (we've got our own, but the door was open). Apparently todays theme is signs, by the way. (I'm fond of funny signs)

Our hostel is close by the Dragon Bridge (well, everything is close, really. Ljubljana is a small and handy city.)

A couple of signs from Ljubljana Castle:
This looks very extreme. You could think you'd die falling off there. It's about 1,5 meters of uneven rock. You'd be rather unlucky if you managed to get upside down in that time.

This was by the funicular(sp?) when we were going back down. Headless people not allowed? Will the Harry Potter ghost Nearly Headless Nick be allright?

The castle was an unusual mix of old and new. Per Arne did not like it. I did, but I get his point. You want old castles to be old. But they all ARE all fixed up in modern times, and usually much or most of it is reconstructions anyway. I felt this was a kind of honest way to do it. Having old and new in a sort of mix, that imo worked well. The castle itself is not very interesting anyway. It's got no pretty ornaments and stuff, so it makes it a bit more worthwile seeing.

Plus the view is great!
Triple bridge on the right and a pretty building in the background.

This is a statue in honor of a famous writer.

On the wall of a house maybe 100 meters away this clay lady is looking out of her clay window. Apparently he was an admirer of hers and now she spends eternety looking in his direction. We thought it should be the other way - or perhaps they thought it was her turn to court him? Dunno..

Tomorrow we continue to Pula in Croatia. The train leaves at 6.33.. That's AM for ya.. Sigh..



GAIL said...

Looks like you're having a wonderful vacation. Your photos are beautiful.

Mango said...

So much for universal language in signs. I would watch out for those headless people. Maybe they mean no ghosts because the castle is haunted.

I like the way the castle is on the hill. Clearly easier to defend.

Mango Momma

The Devil Dog said...

Love the dragon statue, and definitely the signs. Oh boy, are they funny. Priceless, really.
Thanks for the tour. Love the view.

Roxy & Lucky

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi ane!
oh your trip is so wonderful! i love seeing all the places you are going!
i am excited to see croatia!

LizzyBean said...

Love the Dragon statue!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

The khastle on the hill was pawesome!