10 April, 2008

Less happy..

You won't believe what just happened! We're just all home together and happy and should be enjoying ourselves and be eating food - and don't you think Mom brought out the dreadfull noisemaker the vacuum?

See - it's really there!

We were thoroughly shocked and disappointed!

You what?
No thanks...

We think Mom should go back to Vienna. Or maybe we should go there instead. Either way... This is no good!

The WriggleButts


Ferndoggle said...

We HATE that thing!! Vacuums should be banished from any home with a dog...


Nevis said...

Coco looks affronted in that picture. SO cute, though!

Sweet looking vaccuum. I want one! Mine is old and crappy.

The Devil Dog said...

The rug sucking monster! Run away. Run away. Run away.

Roxy & Lucky

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
I agree with you. The monster vacuum is the worst part of my mom being at home!
It scares me a lot!
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

we HATE that stupid vacuum thing too, its so loud and always steals all the furs we deposit in the house!

Anonymous said...

I know what the machine means - it means HM moves around the house with that noisy thing and has to play with me at the same time!!


happy said...

You sure look disappointed there. I have the same issue with mine tpp. She tends to spend too much time cleaning instead of with me.

Patience-please said...

We hate the sucky machine. We have to get locked up because we like to kill it.

wags from the whippets