17 April, 2008

Bajas' Birthday Party!

Mom made muffins for me! Hah.. MeMeMe!
It was oh so yummy! I got one all to myself...

..while Nimbus and Coco had to share the other one. The rest were made with chocolate so we couldn't have any more even though we might have begged a little.

This is my cute birthday self going to sleep! I had a great day with Mom home all day and we got a great walk on the beach with Mom and PA and it was spring weather and lovely and flowers all over. Mom brought the camera, but she didn't remember to check the batteries, so unfortunately they took no pictures. But I promise it was almost as pretty as me! If you can imagine..

Bajas the ex-birthday boy


Simba said...

You are very lucky, those muffins look yummy.

Simba xx

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bajas!
Those muffins look delicious! Glad you all enjoyed them!
I am sure you walk with mom and dad was great too!
Have a good night
Kisses and hugs

The Devil Dog said...

We are glad you had a good day. Happy day, or two or three, after birthday.

Roxy & Lucky

ps: the muffines look yummy!

happy said...

The muffins look really yummy! You sure are lucky :-)

Daisy said...

I can tell you had a very wonderful birthday, Bajas!

Joe Stains said...

I hope it was a great birthday party! the muffin looks DELICIOUS!

meemsnyc said...

Wow, muffins!
Happy Birthday!