02 January, 2008

The view from the afternoon

So we might not have gotten outside much, but you can't really complain with this view. (Yup, she did go outside to take the picture, but it's still the main view.)

Venturing a bit further into the garden for this shot. There's a tiny bit of beach between the garden and the lake. Nimbus went down there to poop apart from that we stayed away from the water. Nimbus once went for a swim in January. Not this time, though.
New Years Eve - trying to get some dessert. Uh.. Well.. That IS his second dessert, eaten on the couch around midnight (that would be the third or fourth helping if anyone is counting).
Mom had a bit of a laugh about our crating. She'd like to point out that we DO have more crates, but that we whine so much when we're crated separately and this is the largest one that'll fit in her car. She did try to put us in multiple crates in the car once for a long trip. Can you imagine? Crated alone in the car??? We made so much noise she caved in and pulled over to put us back together, though. Hah! That taught her!

Garden - couch - crate.. Yeah.. That's pretty much our New Years! Mom is still sick so that's pretty much what our January is like so far, too! Hope you're all healthy and doing loads of fun stuff. We'll be better at getting updated with your adventures soon!

Sleepy snores,
the WriggleButts


The Devil Dog said...

The crate photo made mom laugh. Hope your mom gets better soon. Maybe she just needed to be home.


Maya and Kena said...

Awww..that crate picture is just so cute!! We could never ever be like that!!! Kena would growl at Maya like crazy!!! Glad you guys are at peace with each other..hee hee..
Hope your mommy gets better!!
Oh, and by the way, those are GREAT pictures!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Ruby Bleu said...

Awww...that crate picture is great! Also those outside shots are bootiful!!!

Glad you are feeling better!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
You have a beautiful view there! Looks pretty calm!
Did you get some of that dessert??
You 3 look very cute in that crate! No doubt you don't want to be separated!
Kisses and hugs to you and your mom hoping she feels better by now!
Have a good night

Patience-please said...

Oh we sure hope your mom is all better soon. Those photos are so lovely.
That is crazy squishy in that crate! What if some one farted???!!!

wags from the whippets

happy said...

Happy New Year! Hope your mom gets better soon. Heh heh that picture of you guys in the crate is priceless!

Anonymous said...

What amazing scenery!

You all look so cute in the crate together :)

Hope your mum is feeling better soon.

Luv River

Simba said...

The photos are stunning. Thats a lot of doggies in a crate.

Simba xx

Daisy said...

What a beautiful view! I love the pretty colors.

ps: You can never have too many desserts!

In Pug We Trust said...

Mommy sure loved your crate picture. She laughed hysterically. I hope your Mommy gets better soon. Mine has been sick lately, too. I've been busy trying to nurse her back to health. She's feeling better now and we're back to blogging.

Hope ya'll had a great holiday!


Ferndoggle said...

That is quite an impressive view! Just beautiful.

Penny & I could snuggle in a crate like that but never with Sherman! He's WAY to grouchy.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Those photos's colors are really pawsome.
Oh the crate looks really crowded. Is it uncomfy?

~ Girl girl

Joe Stains said...

Mom loved all the photos from this post, but mostly the one of all of you guys in that one crate, she couldn't stop giggling.

Maya and Kena said...

Hey there Wrigglebutts!
Check out my blog....I gave you an award!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Clover said...

Hi guys!
Happy new year! You are so so cute in your crate together. So cute.
And as always, we love the scenery pictures too!
Love Clover xo

Nevis said...

Sooo Pretty! Happy New Year!

Stanley said...

Get yourselves and your mama rested up and feeling better. I LOVE the photo of you all crated together. How does that work? Does Nimbus get in first and then Coco and Rajas settle in on top of him? Looks cozy!

Goober love & lots of smooches,

dog face girls said...

three pups in a crate, kinda like three men in a tub.

Hugs and Happy New Year,


Miz Allie Cat said...

what a beautiful view and the snow it looked like a post card. I told mom that she cannot get ideas about putting me in no crate...not me...I will not do it!! meow...

JB's Big World said...

Saw you at Maya and Kena's blog....just wanted to say hi. You have a wonderful view!