29 January, 2008

The MomNapper

Greatings, WriggleButtFriends. I'm Fenris aka FrizZ and I totally MomNapped the WriggleButtMom this weekend. Hah! While they had their lame weekends all alone I got all the cuddles and attention all to myself. Hah... Hah!
You're all pretty scared now, huh?
I always knew she liked me better, of course, and that she spends a lot of time crying and missing me so I thought it was good for her to spend a weekend with me. Just the two of us. All alone. (Oh.. Yeah.. and my mom and my son and the puppy human)
See how super sexy I am?
Well.. We did say MomNapping didn't we.. I think I need a nap..



The Devil Dog said...

LOL That is just too funny. Momnapping it is. But I don't think Wigglebutts mom forgot her own baby dogs for a minute.


Patience-please said...

You are one scary short-legged little dude!!!

wags from the whippets

Nevis said...

Great pictures! :)

Lorenza said...

You were the cause our friends were left alone at home??
I think that is not so nice!
Kisses and hugs

Joe said...

you sure are cute!!!