20 July, 2011

Walking Wednesday (so cute)

Hi guys!

I just have to show you this video of the boys out taking a stroll. The kitties are only allowed outside when the weather is nice and we are home. Virus LOVES it and Hyssy thinks it's pretty fun to chase the butterflies and bugs but also a bit scary. I generally let either Bajas or Gummi run free as long as I'm outside (the other one will be in the x-pen or indoors). One day I noticed Virus trying to make Bajas come along on a walk with him down the path towards the woods. They looked super cute walking away together, although I was a little worried. But I do think it is important for Bajas to know the area and be able to find his way back in case something happens so I let them leave.

Anyways - they now take their little walk from time to time. They only stay away a couple of minutes, but the other day I managed to get a video of their return.


Daisy said...

Ah, it was so cute to see them walking together!

Asta said...

I loooved that
the way Viwus waited fow Hyssy and Bajas was pwecious like the bestest family out fow a stwoll
So glad they have a safe place to do this
smoochie kisses