02 December, 2009

Day 2

Mom did okay on her exam yesterday. Thanks for all good wishes! She wrote about 6,5-7 pages on the narrator's role in "A Rose for Emily" Now just over a week until her last two exams! We can't believe how fast this semester went.. She's already planning for spring, and as usual she's adding extra subjects. Sigh.... We thought she'd learned. But oh-no-no... She's going to add TWO extra subjects this time. But they're English subjects not biology/chemistry stuff so hopefully not as hard, at least they've only got about 1/3rd of the lectures (which should scare her since that most likely just means more time to study on her own).


Dory and the Mama said...

Thank you so much for the Poinsettia advice Bajas!


Amy and The House of Cats said...

We are behind so we didn't know that your mom had an exam yesterday - we would have sent good wishes to her. But we are so glad that she did well!

WE love your advent calendar - it is such a cute idea!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Pawesome news!

Tank woo fur Day 2's khool tidbit!


JD and Max said...

Hiya wrigglebutts! Well done to your mom - great stuff! Hey, we love the idea of the advent calendar, it's such good fun.

By the way, voting has now started on our 'bootie-licious' competition so please do swing on by to cast your votes - and to see how you're doing, Virus is very popular!!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Asta said...

Bajas and Viwus

Happy second day of advent!

Thank you fow the explanation of point swettias..Viwus, pleez stay away fwm them!!!

congwatulations to youw mom fow hew exams
I hope she leaves lots of time fow you
smoochie kisses,ASTA

Puglette said...

i love the advent calendar!! the biggest pointsettia i have ever seen was a hedge in a guava plantation in hawaii. it was huge!!
bajas, you are just too cute in your santa hat.

BRUTUS said...

Great hat Bajas!! You make a great SantaDog!! Kudos on you mom for her exam. My mom was in college for 12 years (really!), so she knows all about studying for and writing exams!!

Brutus the Frenchie

Lorenza said...

It is dangerous for dogs too!
We call them "Nochebuena", something like "good night".
Kisses and hugs

Mango said...

Well I hope those pesky exams are almost over by now so that your mom can rest up her brain prior to jamming more into it in the spring.


The OP Pack said...

We really like our calendar. Poinsettias are beautiful flowers but very dangerous for us too. So we don't usually have any here in the house.

Woo hoos to Mom for her exam and good luck with the next ones as well. It won't be long before you and she can have some fun together.

Play bows, the OP Pack

Joe Stains said...

We have poinsettas but they are plastic! BOL