10 February, 2009

More of the snow-stuff

We're home and happy after our trip. I always love going on the train, because there's so many new people to meet and charm and give kisses. It's been snowing lots this weekend. We know stuff dries even when it's freezing, but it still looks funny having the washing out to dry...
Let's get this snow a little less white, huh?

Apart from my stains there's just the leftovers from the birds eating their seed that speck the white..
My pee-mail is spell-checked and I'm ready to go back in.
Lookie how nice and white.. Well.. Ignore the camera's desire to make it all blue.



Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

I haven't seen crystal blue snow before, you have a great camera, I like that!
Ah, you are not the only one who stained the pure snow, birds too, you guys are partner in crime, just kidding!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Now I KNOW where The Snow Thief took ALL my snow!

I hope woo are enjoying it!


Forever Foster said...

Hahahaha, your pee mail. That made us laugh a lot!

All that snow looks amazing:)

Puglette said...

that is so beautiful! is the water frozen or just white from fog? did virus get to go too?

Stræte said...

Hihi, stilig å tørke klesvaska ute nå ja :) Godt vi er på samme parti, Jan Roger mener det ikke er noe særlig å prøve å tørke klær i minusgrader :)